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Title: looking for an artist or 2
Post by: thrasher4567 on 11 May 2006, 16:44
hey im new to the boards here but have been readding qc since the beginning almost. Im looking for one or 2 artists for 2 different comics i want to start.  if your interested email me at [email protected] have websites for both already and plotlines and few comics written out just need an artist or artists. one of the comics will be called Legions Undead and will be about a world overun by undead and humans have become a food supply. it will be through the life of a few zombies and a humorous comic. the second one will be W.W.P.D. World wide penguin domination. and will be the story of penguins trying to take over the world one supermarket at a time while dealing with fancy technology.