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Title: ScaryGoSufjan
Post by: Garcin on 08 Jun 2006, 08:04
So today's ScaryGoRound refers to Sufjan Stevens' forthcoming Puerto Rico album -- I guess to be released after he's completed the 50 states tour.

I'm going to go to MOCCA this weekend and give John A. a peck on the cheek for being awesome.  In other news:  I'm getting sprayed with mace this weekend.
Title: ScaryGoSufjan
Post by: penpen17 on 08 Jun 2006, 08:24
Is that real or a joke?  I would assume the latter
Title: ScaryGoSufjan
Post by: Houdinimachine on 08 Jun 2006, 08:30
Well Sufjan IS pointing to the 51st star on the flag...