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Title: Attempts at 'art'!
Post by: amnesiac16 on 24 Mar 2007, 05:23
This website showcases my incredibly short attention span, every drawing was originally going to become its very own comic i think..then boredom struck..
anyone else have an 'art' website?
Title: Re: Attempts at 'art'!
Post by: Lunchbox on 25 Mar 2007, 16:23
I tried to once, but even my attempts at stringing together all my old scribbles that I gave up on due to lack of interest on a website failed because I gave up on it due to lack of interest.

Also I think this is the cutest thing ever! You have some neat skills. I can't remember which cartoonist this ( reminds me of, but I like it a whole bunch.

Also I noticed that you are using a free trial of PSP. Have you tried the Gimp ( It is a free program that is just as good as Photoshop in many aspects.