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Title: Count Down WWH
Post by: alonelyargonaut on 12 Apr 2007, 10:29
The Big Green Ball of Testosterone is on his way back to earth.  Needless to say, I'm more excited for this than I have been for Civil War.

I mean have you seen the preview?


Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: Blue Kitty on 12 Apr 2007, 23:59
I have not read a hulk comic in a good long time, and this one gets me pumped to start again, especially with his run ins with other heroes like Black Bolt (one of my favorite characters of all time), Namor (I hope, since he was part of the Illuminati), and even Ghost Rider (the cover to that issue rocks)

way better then Civil War will ever be, it is not trying to reinvent Marvel, it is taking us back to the times when Hulk was angry so he smashed
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: 0bsessions on 13 Apr 2007, 07:00
Make absolutely sure that you read Planet Hulk beforehand. Incredible story and it will pull you into complete understanding on why Hulk feels such the need to smash right now. At the least, Wiki it to get the general idea of what happened.

P.S. I actually loved Civil War, but damn am I looking forward to this.
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: NealsonLewison on 13 Apr 2007, 12:42
i wish i woulda been into comic books when i was younger... hulk was one of my fav tho.. might have to do some research
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: alongwaltz on 20 Apr 2007, 20:35
Planet Hulk was surprisingly excellent.  It's also worth reading because his brethren are coming to Earth with him.

I haven't seen the other previews but apparently they show him crushing Professor X's head and throwing Mr. Fantastic into the sun.

And Namor's actually going to be on his side.
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: tomselleck69 on 21 Apr 2007, 21:27
jeez... i really hate the way they drew him on that splash page. if he wasn't green i would never have guessed it was the hulk.
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: 0bsessions on 23 Apr 2007, 07:26
To be completely fair to Romita Jr., that's pretty much the only way you can EVER tell it's the Hulk: big, green guy. He doesn't really have many other standout features that have remained consistant since his creation (Hell, he didn't even start out green).
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: alongwaltz on 23 Apr 2007, 15:46
He doesn't really have many other standout features

Purple shorts!

Not so much anymore but they should make a comeback.
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: tomselleck69 on 23 Apr 2007, 21:47
there's also the weird hulk mushroom haircut.

Also, call me a tool for citing a recent, controversial book, but ever since Leinil Yu drew the hulk, that has been the definitive version in my mind:

Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: 0bsessions on 23 Apr 2007, 21:59
He's being attacked by one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, I somehow doubt his bowl cut's going to stay in position.

As far as Leinel Yu, as much as I love him, which of the two issues of Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk to come out in the like two years since it was released do you feel is more definitive? I'll always call Jack Kirby my definitive Hulk artist. Though, I don't necessarily go for the original on everything: John Byrne's my definitive X-Men artist, John Romita Sr. for Spider-Man, Tim Sale for Batman, etc...
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: MalMal on 20 Jun 2007, 08:35
Haven't read Hulk comics in AGES, but WWH has got me reading again. Dunno about definitive artist,may well have to go for Jack Kirby too.

Anyway, GREAT first issue of the event, but was anyone else disappointed that we didn't get to see more of the fight shown above? I'd really like to know the dynamics of it.

Aside from that... pretty damn good.
(Much better than any issue of Civil War IMO)
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: 0bsessions on 20 Jun 2007, 08:51
Personally, I'm of the mind it adds to the fight that we didn't see it. Black Bolt, other than his sonic powers, isn't going to stand toe to toe with the Hulk. If Hulk can power through, he's done for. Just the imagine of him beaten and broken being the next time we see Bolt after "I wanna hear you scream..." was rather powerful and intimidating, in my opinion.

I agree that it was fantastic. It really hit on all cylinders. The first issue of an event is typically your setup issue and they got the setup...and then dove straight into the ass kicking. I can't remember the last time an event kicked off with such a bang. The fight with Iron Man practically had me shitting my britches. Ever since reading Phoenix: Endsong, I knew Pak was going to be big in Marvel (Though, I was hoping they'd throw an X-Title his way, and I'm still hoping he follows up Whedon on Astonishing X-Men) and Romita Jr. has been one of my favorites since I started reading comics. Romita Jr. has a knack for drawing iconic rage scenes (Something that makes him absolutely perfect for this event).

I don't know who else has read the mutant massacre, but Romita Jr. drew what was probably the best series of panels in that event. After Harpoon badly injures Shadowcat, Romita's got Colossus marching at him, only to be cut off by Riptide. Colossus just keeps walking at Riptide and you can see the fear in his eyes as Colossus just grabs him by the throat and snaps his fucking neck (Given, Claremont really capped it off with the line "Where is Harpoon? Make peace with your God little man, you are next." Fucking chills you to the bone). Romita captured the energy and raw anger of that scene perfectly and he knocked it out of the park again with the missile scene here where Stark tries to pretty much nuke Hulk only to remind him of his wife's death. Iron Man's reaction was absolutely priceless, too (Just a headshot with the line "...oh hell").

All told, a great start.

Though, I guess I'm in the minority of those who really liked Civil War, especially the beginning. Cap busting his way out of the SHIELD helicarrier was badass.

Edit: I found an image of Colossus killing Riptide. Unfortunately, it's missing my favorite shot of Colossus still clutching Riptide's dead body by the throat. Like with the Black Bolt fight, the fact that we don't actually see it seems to make it that much more intense. Gives it a feeling of "Too brutal for your eyes.":

Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: MalMal on 20 Jun 2007, 09:04
I agree that if Hulk "powers through" he could take out Black Bolt, but after all the build up of his power in titles like Silent War (one of the best series Marvel has had in a while, IMO) and Illuminati...I was expecting a bit more of this conflict. Still, Hulk vs. Stark was more than enough to satisfy my need for action.

Romita Jr is perfect for this title, he does "big and powerful" better than anyone.

Does anyone else think that he is wasted on his run on Amazing Spider-man though? As good as it was, he never really got the chance to show off his splash-page talent. There was never anything like this in that title!?

Pak would be pretty good on Astonishing, though that would mean Whedon's run ending.... which I'm not too keen on.. he's really made that book his own, and I don't know Runaways is gonna be as good. Anyone know how long he's signed up for?

On a Whedon note, does anyone else feel a bit cheated that Buffy Season 8, billed as his return to his most popular (arguably) creation, is only getting about 6 (or is it 5) issues written by him?
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: 0bsessions on 20 Jun 2007, 09:24
I don't know that I could've handled another epic fight in that issue. Would've been some kind of "HOLY FUCK" overload.

I have to completely disagree on your Amazing Spider-Man assesment, though. I think he was wasted on Peter Parker: Spider-Man when he was teamed with Howard Mackie, but mostly because Mackie was an absolute fucking hack and it was a waste of great pencils. That said, I think Amazing Spider-Man was an absolute perfect fit for him with the dark tone it took under Straczynski. Romita's always had a grim and gritty style that's perfectly suited for a dark tone in comics (An example being Mutant Massacre, as mentioned. Some of his best work). I'm trying to remember the title of the storyline, it was either Straczynski's first or Mackie's final on Amazing, but it centered around Norman Osborne kidnapping Parker, drugging him and psychologically torturing him to try and turn him into the new Green Goblin. There was almost no action involved, but it wouldn't have been half as good with anyone but Romita Jr. The Book of Ezekiel and Morlun stories also spring to mind as JR Jr. standouts.

Honestly, Whedon's run can't end soon enough for me. He's monopolizing some of my favorite X-Characters in a book that's barely even in continuity due to his chronic inability to adhere to a deadline. Not to mention, I think the title's been spinning its wheels since after its first storyarc ended. We could do worse than a lineup of Brubaker, Carey and Pak on the three core titles, though (Especially if the rumors about each title handling a different faction of X-Men, one led by Xavier, one by Cyclops and one by Magneto turned out to be true, I'd vote Brubaker, Pak and Carey respectively for each).

In terms of Runaways, I was disappointed to begin with when I heard BKV was leaving. Runaways was one of Marvel's best titles. When I heard Whedon was coming onboard, I nearly shat a brick thinking "Great, now we'll see maybe four issues in a fucking year of it" (Almost prophetic, the first two issues were timely, but his third is allegedly as far back as October now, being absent from solicits through September). He's only going to be doing a six issue run, then a new team's onboard. They're allegedly going to announce both the followup team for Astonishing X-Men and Runaways at San Diego Comic Con.
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: MalMal on 20 Jun 2007, 10:34
You're completely right about Peter Parker: Spider-man... but then, I don't remember a single issue of that I enjoyed (though, to be fair, I didn't pick it up every month..)

I think the story arc with Osborne was Straczynski's first and it was excellent, although it moved a little slowly over a couple of middle issues I seem to remember. Straczynski's run has been a bit hit or miss... his earlier stuff with JR jr. was good (the story you mentioned being a prime example) but Evolve Or Die, was a bit patchy around the New Avengers tie-ins I felt.
And whilst John Romita Jnr's style fits the book, I still don't think it shows him to the best of his abilities. He needed something like WWH to really break out.

Great suggestion on the X-titles, where did you get that info from? Anything solid?
I've really enjoyed Whedon's Astonishing... It'd been a little while since I've read an X-book i really enjoyed when i started reading it, and while the delays are MONUMENTALLY annoying (is that all Whedon? or is there some editorial problems involved?) the writing and art on it have been superlative. There was a lull after the first arc (and I thought "Damage" was a stupid idea!) but it's been back on form for a couple of issues now.

A massive rethink of X-titles is definately needed though, as X-men is very patchy, Uncanny is often terrible, and New is confusing and unreadable most months.

Anyway, we're getting massively off-thread here.. so....World War Hulk, eh?

Does anyone else think we're gonna see New and Mighty Avengers properly unite to take him on next issue? I think it's likely...and then Marvel U (which never REALLY changes much, lets be honest) can start wending it's way back to the normal status quo.

With that in mind, I hope Stark stays on in S.H.I.E.L.D for a while (and doesn't get fired over this)... it's a nice idea, and it's being handled pretty well, don't you think?
Title: Re: Count Down WWH
Post by: 0bsessions on 20 Jun 2007, 11:12
Peter Parker: Spider-Man got hardcore good when Paul Jenkins took over. He was involved in what were, by far, the two best Green Goblin stories since The Night Gwen Stacy Died. There's the aforementioned one where Osborne tortures him and then there's "Death in the Family," where Osborne, on the anniversary of Gwen's death, kidnaps Flash Thompson, force-feeds him whiskey and then puts him in a truck he crashes into Midtown High.

The Osborne story would have trouble moving slowly over the middle issues, hehe. There were only two parts to it. One written by Jenkins and the other by Mackie (I looked it up. It was Amazing Spider-Man (Volume 2) #25, #30 was JMS's first issue). Great storyline and about the only thing I've ever read by Howard Mackie that I outright enjoyed.

The idea with the X-Titles I picked up over on a Newsarama forum. Like I said, it's just a rumor. Nothing really solid. I do like the idea, though.

There's significant debate as to who's causing the massive delays on Astonishing X-Men. I figure it's a combination of both Whedon and Cassady. Cassady is a notoriously slow artist, but all three comics Whedon's presently writing are suffering from massive delays.

I don't know about a massive rethink. My only problem with X-Men is an overall distaste for most of the cast and the art. I've never much liked Bachalo's pencils. The cast is due for an alleged shakeup, majorly. With the Marauders showing up next issue, at least a couple members are allegedly defecting (Teaser art has shown Lady Mastermind, Mystique AND Omega Sentinel with the Marauders, and Sabretooth escaped and is allegedly not coming back). With the major shakeup leaving Cannonball, Cable, Rogue (BIG maybe, she's been through some heavy shit lately) and Iceman as the only team members left, I could do with them building around that.

Uncanny X-Men finally started to come into its own under Brubaker at the end of the Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire. It meandered for a looooong time, but it came together in the ending and the cast is up in the air. Xavier, Nightcrawler, Warpath, Darwin and the Starjammer Hepzibah are the only ones who returned from space. Havok stayed in space to track down Vulcan (Who killed Corsair) with Polaris and Marvel Girl. The new Morlock storyline they just started has started off quite well and it's great to see Storm back in an X-Book.

New X-Men...I want to like it, I really do. I love a lot of the cast and the writers seem to be VERY well-versed in X-Continuity. I just can't get into their infatuation with using death as a tool for plot advancement. They haven't gotten through a storyarc without killing someone off.

While I think they will have an uneasy alliance during WWH, all signs point to things getting even hairier afterwards. With the Skrull revelation in New Avengers, Bendis plans to weave it as a "who can you trust" scenario. There's apparently going to be a couple people switching sides. It's all supposed to culminate in a Skrull related storyarc next year.