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Title: Mike Jittlov: and the status of WoSaT
Post by: 3Z3VH on 31 Aug 2007, 01:21
I realize many of the people on this site are too young to know of Mike Jittlov, or WoSaT, but, for those who have, or for those who are simply interested in seeing the best (and possibly only watchable) movie Disney has ever produced, listen up.  Everyone else, go away !

WoSaT: the Wizard of Speed and Time is now being openly released as a LEGAL torrent download.  Mike Jittlov, the star, and creator of WoSaT compiled this movie in a DVD format and is allowing people to freely distribute it over the internet.

Here ( is a link to the article about the open release, along with a link to the DVD ISO Torrent.  If you are interested, go there, get it, and help seed !

That is all.