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Title: Dora, wtf?
Post by: Bearer on 05 Jan 2008, 23:49

I am seriously wondering why this joke did not make a come back, what with meeting Dora's mom and all.  That was an awesome opportunity for a joke/hilariously awkward conversation only a few people would understand (at first), and I thought you were all over those Jeph.  Seriously, disappointed here...   :-D
Title: Re: Dora, wtf?
Post by: Jeff7 on 06 Jan 2008, 00:00
You're just upset because you didn't get to see Dora (or anyone else) using it.  :laugh:
Title: Re: Dora, wtf?
Post by: RisingPhoenix313 on 06 Jan 2008, 00:24
Meh, just because you could imagine Dora's mum using such an object doesn't mean it'll be brought up the first moment that she appears in the comic.  Patience, my friend... it'll happen (maybe).
Title: Re: Dora, wtf?
Post by: Fidel Fanst on 06 Jan 2008, 06:31
Yeh, that would be a fun joke to see coming back... Imagine Marten going to Dora's parents again, and they, in the haze of smoking their great quality pot, are running around the house waing about a Pulsemaster 9000... I'd imagine Marten going into catatonia, and Dora turning completely Emo.

On the other hand, I'm sure Jeph would be able to use it much more expertly than me... :-P
Title: Re: Dora, wtf?
Post by: jordinyc on 25 Feb 2008, 14:15
BAH! You kidding me? They probably use it on each other.
Title: Re: Dora, wtf?
Post by: frullic on 25 Feb 2008, 20:31
Quite the opportunity for awquard jokes but Jeph missed it. At least he got pubic hair on Pintsize, that was fun...