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Title: Sven and Faye create Drama, Tension, etc.. Bah. Board Drama/tension is more fun!
Post by: AndrewDB on 15 Feb 2008, 11:29


I keep reading the posts dividing the two opposing fronts. I feel like Pint Size watching a war with Winslow, while we're busy supplying arms to both sides, feeding the debates.

Yes, Sven and Faye create a tension, and drama for the strip, but them being together creates more... and could lead to some pretty interesting double dating situations with Marten and Dora,.. if not Tri-dating sessions with Dora, Marten, Sven, Faye, Benji and Raven.. which would open up the chance to make Benji a regular character!

Come on people, this has endless options, many of which are good.