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Title: HIV Denial Ad
Post by: tel on 17 Feb 2008, 23:03
I don't know if Mr. Jacques has actually seen the ad, or, even worse, if he approves of it, but what the hell is the deal with the banner for the HIV denial movie?

I'm a scientist, and I'm a fairly open minded guy, but there are some topics, some sides to arguments, that by even being brought up in the first place can do irreparable damage to the public debate on important issues. When there are ministers of health in some governments of Africa that denounce the use of antiretrovirals and promote the use of home remedies to treat this virulent epidemic, how can we indulge the outliers, the one-in-a-thousands, who promulgate the view that there is no link between HIV and AIDS?

I mean, the world doesn't turn on the content of  a webcomic, nor does it revolve around the beliefs of its author, but this kind of an attempt to teach ignorance like it's a new sort of knowledge just makes me angry, and, one way or another, I'd like to see Mr. Jacques acknowledge the issue. This is not something a person can be neutral about.

I'm a guest on this site, we all are, and if the author supports the deniers he's certainly entitled to express that. But he needs either to own that viewpoint or to remove that ad. To do less would be sheer cowardice.
Title: Re: HIV Denial Ad
Post by: fatbottomedgirl on 17 Feb 2008, 23:47
Well... hmm.  It's not on the mini-ads for his other webcomic.  I'm thinking it's something he has little control over.  And I'm guessing he hasn't realized it's there.  These ads are by Project Wonderful so hopefully they would take it down when he requests them to.  It doesn't seem like something J.Jacques would be behind and even something that would be mocked in the comic!
Of course, if he does want to at least open the discussion to people he has a right to.  I think that... it's a subversive and controversial topic that is getting a lot of press. 
Either way, maybe he'll address the issue soon.
Title: Re: HIV Denial Ad
Post by: Pengraffe on 18 Feb 2008, 00:13
You know, emailing Jeph would have been just as effective. We've already taken their ads down once, they must have gotten re-approved accidentally. Just to be perfectly clear: NO, JEPH DOES NOT AGREE WITH THE 'HIV DOES NOT CAUSE AIDS' PEOPLE. Being all "Jeph is a coward for not owning his beliefs" is at the very least, jumping the gun a tad, don't you think?
Title: Re: HIV Denial Ad
Post by: tel on 18 Feb 2008, 00:23
Eh, maybe a tad. I had thought that the most likely reply I would have gotten was silence. I now see that I was wrong. Thank you for responding so quickly.

/something about tempests and teakettles
Title: Re: HIV Denial Ad
Post by: Pengraffe on 18 Feb 2008, 00:32
Just so you know, the offending ad has been removed. The way Project Wonderful works is that people can bid every day for ad space, so unless Jeph is being hyper-vigilant, sometimes bad ads slip by unnoticed. Try not to assume that Jeph is a nutjob that doesn't agree with modern medicine next time, okay?

P.S. Wear condoms, kids.