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Title: February 24th Comic "F5 Vigil"
Post by: captainoid on 24 Feb 2008, 20:41
  Here's the thread for all of us to talk about our predictions about what will happen on tommorows comic (and, if any of the last couple WCT threads are a factor, we will all slowly devolve into anguished cries of "y inst 1t up y3t11111!!!").

 I predict a jump to Marten and Dora, coming back from a movie they most likely didnt see the end of.  They will probably go to Dora's place, so they will not wake Faye, who little do they know, is at Svens.

Have Fun!
Title: Re: February 24th Comic "F5 Vigil"
Post by: cwoolard on 24 Feb 2008, 20:51

Reheated pancakes and "The talk".

Proably not, but I'm getting really curious about where exactly Faye wants to take this. I'm sure Sven is, too.

Title: Re: February 24th Comic "F5 Vigil"
Post by: captainoid on 24 Feb 2008, 20:56
Put in a bad mood by the absolutely disgusting reheated pancakes, Faye and Sven will not speak to each other for the next several days of QC time.
Title: Re: February 24th Comic "F5 Vigil"
Post by: Promethean Sky on 24 Feb 2008, 23:03
Here's how you can save yourself from F5 fingerstrain, and go about your other business as well.

1. Open Firefox.
2. Install the attachment Tab Mix Plus (it's really damned useful anyway)
3. Restart Firefox
4. Under Tools go to your Tab Mix Plus Options. Go to Menu, then Tab Context Menu. Click the checkboxes for Reload Tab Every and Lock Tab.
5. Hit OK.
6. Open two tabs. (the second is just so that you can select the first tab individually)
7. Open (there is no such file at the moment, but there will be after update)
8. Right click, and select Lock Tab. This will keep you from inadvertently interfering with it if you are doing other stuff online later.
9. Right click, and select Reload Tab Every, then select a time period to your liking. Refreshing every 5 seconds is a bit much in my opinion, but you can pick a custom time besides the options of 5, 15, or 30 seconds, or 1, 2, 5, 15, or 30 minutes.
10. Continue with regular internet activities in separate tabs in the same window. Your QC tab will continue to refresh regularly, and as soon as the 404 error vanishes from the tab title, you know you've caught the update. This principle also applies if you select the tab, then minimize Firefox. You can proceed with any other program that leaves your buttons at the bottom of the screen visible. When the 404 vanishes, you have a comic.

Lock Tab incorporates both Protect Tab and Freeze Tab options. Protect Tab keeps you from accidentally closing the tab, while Freeze Tab keeps you from opening another page in the tab.
I know there is money attached to main page views, but as far as I know, refreshing doesn't tick that counter. Plus, I'll be going back to the main page after reading the update. I chose to refresh the comic rather than the whole main page because it is much faster, and it brings up the 404 until the file exists.
Title: Re: February 24th Comic "F5 Vigil"
Post by: Apple Pie on 24 Feb 2008, 23:49
Personally, I want to see a jump back to Hanners. Check out how she's coping with the news. And desperately trying not to tell anyone the news.

Title: Re: February 24th Comic "F5 Vigil"
Post by: cwoolard on 25 Feb 2008, 01:16

Heh. Got your wish.  :laugh:
Title: Re: February 24th Comic "F5 Vigil"
Post by: Doug S. Machina on 25 Feb 2008, 01:45
Firefox automation: somehow, I think this misses the point, like saying that camping outside the cinema in a costume isn't the best way to get the first tickets. You could call this the Labour Theory of Fandom.