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Title: QC listed on Wired's Blog
Post by: skitzot on 20 Aug 2008, 01:56

Questionable Content -- Jeph Jacques pens this Monday-Friday comic. QC follows Marten Reed, a former self-described office bitch and current library assistant, who plays guitar and is a fan of indie rock. He shares an apartment with Pintsize, an anthropomorphized computer or "Anthro-PC," and Faye, a girl with a snarky sense of humor, a love of alcohol and quite a few past issues surrounding her father. Marten's girlfriend is Dora, a metal-loving, former Goth-chick, who is Faye's boss at "Coffee of Doom," Dora's fictional coffee shop. Adult language, sex jokes, jokes about bodily fluids and stories of twenty-something angst are featured throughout this ongoing series.

Not the best summary, but hopefully it will bring in some new fans!