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Title: nVidia <3 VIA
Post by: est on 28 Aug 2008, 19:09,6266.html

There's been a lot of back and forth about this for a couple of months, ever since the new Nano revision came out.  Looking at the players involved it wouldn't surprise me if nVidia and VIA engage in some very heavy petting (chipset support, cross-promoting, special projects) capping off with a merger within the next two years.  Intel is about to break into discrete GPUs in a big way and AMD has solid CPU+GPU capabilities so to me nVidia+VIA makes sense.  They can consolidate a lot of their chipset tech into one set of common gear, provide future Nano boards with a VIA cpu, a VIA/nVidia chipset and nVidia hybrid graphics plus a PCIe slot instead of the shitty Chrome crap VIA are offering and have a really quite remarkable cheap & powerful small form-factor PC offering to compete with dual-core Atom and AMD's upcoming Fusion.

Also, VIA must have some kind of x86 license to be able to create the cpus they do.  Would nVidia purchasing them/a merger affect it?  I very much doubt Intel would give out an x86 license to nVidia at the moment, so this could be a good way to pick one up.
Title: Re: nVidia <3 VIA
Post by: KvP on 28 Aug 2008, 22:06