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Title: Hannelorz.
Post by: Mirandamouse on 30 Dec 2008, 08:38
This has really been bothering me.
Recently I had ventured through the entirety of the comics again,
and I realized, Hanners was fucking badass when we got introduced to her.
And she seemed to know about dudes.

Now she's afraid of getting pregnant by clonebabies, and she's much more innocent than any of the other characters.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I like her and all,
but what the fuck happened to her?
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: benji on 30 Dec 2008, 08:44
This comes up a lot.

In story answer: She probably changed her meds or something.

Out of story answer: Flanderization (
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: psion on 30 Dec 2008, 09:25
I'm not sure where it is, but Hanners mentions that she quit smoking.  If you recall from the first time we see her, she is smoking.  Dora asks how she could have done that, and she said she was on some serious meds.  Martin then mentions that she seemed a bit bolder then, and she also said it was because of the meds.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Mirandamouse on 30 Dec 2008, 09:27
It's still weird. Her meds wouldn't change her from sassy and shit to meek.
And she knew about relationships D: what happened to that?

I think the flanderization thing is wrong on so many of their examples.

But that's just my opinion.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Tybalt on 30 Dec 2008, 10:26
From now on, anyone who mentions why hannelore is different is going to get this response:

shit changes.

Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Dazed on 30 Dec 2008, 11:28
See, the writer of this here comic decided to write Hanners differently. Thus, she changed. Crazy, I know.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Astroasis on 31 Dec 2008, 04:20
I actually registered just so I could post here on this thread.

I'm sure it's Flanderization and what not... but actually, this kind of transition isn't strange at all.

I have OCD and a slew of anxiety/phobia issues... and when people meet me for the first time, they would never guess it. I tend to hide my neurosis around strangers as much as I can. As cute as Hannelore's crazies are, people don't usually find them that appealing in reality. Also, Martin met her in a bar and she was drinking. Drinking with my meds makes me a little crazy and super bold - just like Hannerz when we first meet her. But beyond a first meeting, people usually can't ignore that I'm a little... off. So I think Hannerz appearing bold and normal at first then seeming more crazy as we get to know her is actually pretty realistic.

Although I'm not sure if Jeph knows all that or not... or if that's what he intended, but maybe it is? I think he must know somebody somewhere with OCD/anxiety, because some of Hannelore's hijinx are too perfect.

Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: hollow leviathan on 08 Jan 2009, 13:58
She also apparently takes on the mannerisms of any book(s) if she is reading for too long, which is a real and terrible phenomenon, especially if you discover to your horror you have read all of an Anthony Trollop novel in less than two sittings.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Persona on 08 Jan 2009, 14:31
I had a buddy like that, but with movie trailers.
Any action movie trailer he saw, he wanted to do. It was bad.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: hollow leviathan on 08 Jan 2009, 14:50
Does that count? Almost all movie trailers are done by the same voice-over actor. That ' s not static-cling mannerisms so much as wanting to be Pablo Francisco.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Persona on 08 Jan 2009, 14:57
Oh, no, he didn't want to do the voice overs, he wanted to do whatever action scenes he saw, best he could. And he believed he could. Unscathed. Which lead to my friends and I carting him to the hospital, or him getting drunk enough to forget he was injured.
A prime example of this was when SPEED 2 came out, and he saw a scene where a boat went over an exploding boat or something. So, this guy takes his dad's boat, which is not a speed-boat, sets up a make-shift ramp in the lake, and tries to jump a raft covered in fireworks.  He ended up catching part of the boat on fire, and jumping off, hurting himself in the process. It was stupid. Oh, and he tried to talk like Keanue Reeves the whole time.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Zingoleb on 08 Jan 2009, 21:06
Your friend could make the Darwin Awards.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Is it cold in here? on 08 Jan 2009, 21:13
Hannelore probably knows about relationships in the theoretical sense from all the therapy she's had, hence her counseling Marten despite her lack of experience.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Zingoleb on 08 Jan 2009, 23:01
What bugs me is how quickly everything settled down.

OMGWTFBBQ UR STALKING ME alright, I'm fine with that.
Title: Re: Hannelorz.
Post by: Mr. Skawronska on 09 Jan 2009, 09:40
Well, after following the "Flanderization" link into TV Tropes, I found something else that interested me enough to comment on.

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that Hannelore's transition IS realistic, based upon meds, and other folks' real-life experiences that place her behavior well within the realm of the possible, even probable. Let's also just say, for the sake of argument, that this transition, intentional or not, could be classified as a Flanderization.

It seems that Hannelore has, either by design or default, become a Woobie (

For those who will not click the link, I get to type some more. The woobie is someone who the universe delivers a beat-down to, but for some reason, the readers feel incredible sympathy, even attraction for.  I'm thinking this is the Hanners phenomenon.  To quote from the link:

A woobie (named for a child's security blanket) is that character you want to give a big hug, wrap in a blanket and feed soup to when he suffers so very beautifully.

Yup.  That's how I  feel about Hannelore.  Just wanna wrap her in a soft fuzzy blanket, cuddle her, pet her like my favorite kitty and tell her things are going to be OK.

Of course, with her OCD, the moment I wrapped her in a blanket she didn't sterilize herself, and then HUGGED her...she'd freak, claw my face off, and run screaming into the bathroom with a wire brush.

So, some situations are better left in the fictional, theoretical universe where the author has the control over the bad things that happen, and I get fewer physical and emotional scars.

But yeah, I can see Hanners as a Woobie (, and you know what?

I adore her like that.

Thanks, Jeph.