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Title: Hewo *waves*
Post by: reeners on 13 Oct 2010, 22:28
Yeah, so I tried joining a LONG time ago, but finally got it all figured out today. Looks like I wasn't alone with that problem!

Anyway... hi! I'm reeners. I've been reading QC since sometime around December '08. I got hooked because I have a friend who owns the "teh" shirt and after getting caught up I realized that he is JUST like Marten. I remember the first strip I read was titled "Magna Carta." (I think)

I guess I look kinda like Faye (a LOT skinnier though), but my personality is like if Hanners and Marigold had an awkward baby together. I'm shy and kinda weird, but I guess some people like that because I somehow have friends.

I like video games, especially Final Fantasy, Myst, and Spyro.

I'm an art student, but definitely not a stereotypical art student (if you've seen Art School Confidential then you can get what I'm talking about). I don't have weird hair or tattoos, and I don't dress like a homeless hipster.

My favorite band is Barenaked Ladies.

I'm single and very, VERY happy about it.

Ask me any questions if you want me to elaborate. I can't wait to chat with y'all. (no I'm not from the south, I'm from the midwest. I don't type the way I speak.)

As I was typing this, the next comic was posted! <3 Gonna go read it now.

~reeners  :angel:
Title: Re: Hewo *waves*
Post by: jwhouk on 14 Oct 2010, 01:31
Chee-cah-go, bang-bang.