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Title: jacob tv is ill as fuck
Post by: sean on 21 Mar 2011, 23:30
okay guys i gotta share a little something with you. so on mondays i have composition lessons so i was sittin in my comp lesson today tryin to work out what to do with my piece (i've been writiers blockin) and we threw ideas around and whatnot but then we started discussing composers and stuff and i threw on different trains and we started talking about the whole using voices as melodies thing and then my comp teacher remembered this guy and threw him on. he's a really recent composer, and his compositional style is basically based on that technique used in [ur=l]different trains[/url], like  ( he uses it though in more of a rhythmic way, rather than a melodic way though. here's ( another thing did, he basically creates a lot of dope minimalist-type things, though with a little modern touch, i guess. its cool though, check it out.
Title: Re: jacob tv is ill as fuck
Post by: Melodic on 21 Mar 2011, 23:59
checkin' this out checkin' this out