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Title: My YouTube Channel (and TV Show)
Post by: Jimor on 15 Jun 2011, 01:29
I'm going to go right ahead and be self-indulgent with this thread. I've mentioned before that I tape live shows around town, mostly of friends. But this summer, I'm going to get a chance to really expand my tentacles into a lot of the rest of the local music scene. At the moment, I have 90 uploads representing 25 different acts, and this should easily double within the next couple of months. Feel free to promote videos from acts local to your own area as well.

These will tend to be "songwriter" type things I guess you'd say. Mostly solo acts right now, but I should be able to add a lot of full band acts as the summer progresses, particularly from a couple of park concert series. I'll always have some kind of link for further tunes/info in the description, and in a lot of cases, I'll have more than one clip from that act elsewhere on the channel (and of course "related videos" might have even more).

Without further ado. My Channel front page (

Edit 3-19-13: There is also a YouTube Channel for the local music TV Show I produce. Alive & Kicking TV
Some recent additions.

James Cavern - These Words ( James is a transplant from London, and my favorite new discovery on the local scene right now. Rock with a bit of soul and hip hop thrown in here and there.

Little Brave - Middle Ground ( She's actually from Texas and was passing through on a west coast tour. Really impressed me with her voice and presence.

Chelsea Hughes - Untitled ( She's relatively new to the scene, so needs some time and experience to develop, but with her voice there's a lot of potential.

Autumn Sky - Rome ( I've been trying to get a good taping of this song for a while, since it's one of my favorites by her. The sound person had the accompanying mandolin way too hot, though, so I'm still seeking a better rendition someday. Some of you will recognize Autumn from the first episode of my access music show (

And I'll leave it here for now. Enjoy!

[Here starts an artist index of my page that I'll keep adding onto as I get the chance - June 5, 2012]

99, 100
-- Heather (
-- Rabbit Season (
-- Serial Killers (

-- Mickey (
-- Naughty (

The Afterlife
-- Puttin' On The Ritz (

All On Seven
-- Airshow (
-- Just About Ventura (

B&B Music Factory
-- The Dynamics of Our Language (
-- Hold On Reset (
-- I Wanna Waste Your Time (
-- The ReOccurring Dream (

Sherman Baker
-- American Dream (
-- Constant Communication (
-- Tony and Boots (

Be Brave Bold Robot
-- Gridlocked (
-- Keep The Women Happy (

The Bell Boys
-- 11ish / Ticket Stub (
-- All We Are (
-- Better Off This Way (
-- Black Shoes And White Cars (
-- Guard Down (
-- Invisible (
-- Lights And Movement / Somebody Spilled Dance On The Floor (
-- She Can't Be Alone (

-- Negative Kids (
-- This Tree (

Ricky Berger
-- A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Breaks (
-- The End of the Rainbow (
-- Man Of My Dreams (
-- My Permanent Valentine (
-- The Side Of You With Somebody New (
-- Stingy ( /w Adrian Bourgeois
-- Storms (
-- Temporary Love (
-- Une Petite Berceuse (
-- The Whistle Song (
-- Why Be Blue? (
-- You're No Good (

Annie Bethancourt
-- Glory Hallelujah I've Got Nothing (
-- See Me (
-- Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (

Adrian Bourgeois
-- Change (
-- End Of The Century (
-- Everybody Knows It Was Me (
-- Handle With Care ( w/ Ricky Berger
-- Hey Jude ( w/ many friends
-- Jonah (
-- Jonah ( w/ band
-- Jonah ( w/ Musical Charis
-- The Lost And The Free (
-- Parachutes ( w/ Ricky Berger
-- Parachutes ( w/ Autumn Sky
-- Parachutes ( w/ Musical Charis
-- Parachutes ( w/ Musical Charis
-- Silk From Ashes ( w/ band
-- Sunflower (
-- Time Can't Fly A Plane (
-- Time Can't Fly A Plane ( w/ Ricky Berger and Paige Lewis
-- Time Can't Fly A Plane ( w/ band
-- Too Much Time ( w/ band

Breathe Carolina
-- Full Set @ Sacramento State (

Brothers Nunez
-- Blind Man (

The Cab
-- Angel With A Shotgun (
-- Bad (
-- Bounce (
-- Can You Keep A Secret? (
-- I'll Run (
-- Lovesick Fool (
-- Risky Business (
-- Take My Hand (
-- That 70s Song (
-- Vegas Skies (

Calendar Kids
-- The Widow (

James Cavern
-- 25 Hours (
-- Gimme Some Love (
-- Gimme Some Love ( w/ friends
-- Pursuit Of Happiness (
-- Realize ( w/ jacob Bell
-- Strokes ( w/ Jesi Naomi
-- These Words (
-- These Words (
-- Uncle Sam (
-- Uncle Sam (
-- You (

Lindsey Cook
-- 33 Excuses (
-- 33 Excuses (
-- Beautiful Girl (
-- Beautiful Life (
-- Especially With You (
-- I Don't Know How To Fix It (
-- I Don't Want To (
-- I Say (
-- Know Me A Minute (
-- The Other Side (
-- T-Shirt Song (
-- Terminal E (
-- Your Eyes (

The Cosmonauts
-- Light's Out / The Ex-Girlfriend Song (
-- Sega's Making A Comeback (

Shannon Curtis
-- Anti-Gravity (
-- Anti-Gravity (
-- Before The Sun (
-- Book Of Fiction (
-- Brightest Light In The Room (
-- False Alarm (
-- Let's Stay In (
-- So Many Stars (
-- Wasted (

Deer Park Avenue
-- Hey Maria (

Dog Party
-- Best Friend (
-- Chihiro (
-- Party (
-- The World Is Not A Game (

Carly DuHain
-- Big Mountain, Deep Valley, Good Souls (
-- The Hypnotist (
-- Suitcases and Linens (
-- Sun Sun Sun For Everyone! (

Christie DuPree
-- Blessed Soul (
-- Through The Rough (

Eazy Dub
-- Full Set @ Ace of Spades (

Hans Eberbach
-- Can't Stop Loving You (

Exquisite Corps
-- I Want What I Want (
-- Light As A Feather (
-- Street Hassle (
-- Touched By The Fire (
-- Full Set @ The Sammies Award Show ( (6 songs)

Justin Farren, Dean Haakensen, Carly DuHain
-- Combined Set @ The Sammies Awards Show ( (each do a song)

Fate Under Fire
-- Kiss Me Thru The Phone (
-- The Simple Things (

Sean Fleming
-- Birds (
-- The World Ain't So Round (

The Freebadge Serenaders
-- Cigarette Stew (

The Generals
-- Alive (
-- Rain Or Shine (
-- Thank You (

Kepi Ghoulie
-- Are You Passionate? (
-- Vampire Girl / Fortune Teller (

Reggie Ginn
-- August (
-- Bathsheba (
-- Bruises And Bloodstains (
-- Not Any More (
-- Outta My Mind (
-- Pray For Their Souls (
-- Smile (
-- Smile (
-- White Rabbit (

-- Everything About Us (
-- The Middle (

Spencer Hoffman (of Honyock)
-- Harvest Moon ( w/ Parie Wood and Iris Shanks

Julian Holley
-- Baby, You've Got Me (

-- Monet (
-- The Rage (
-- Riches To Ragtime (

Chelsea Hughes and Barry Crider
-- Dime A Dozen (
-- Untitled (

The Hungry
-- Do Me A Favour (
-- Island / Tell Me (

Island of Black and White
-- Full Set @ Fremont Park (
-- Full Set @ Ace of Spades (

Jack and White
-- Cry Me A River (
-- Double Trouble (
-- Gemini (
-- Night After Night (
-- Telephone Games (

-- Now That's My Home (
-- The One You're Lookin' For (

The Kelps
-- Daniel Witcherman's Girl (
-- Grimoire (
-- The Unkillable Josef (

Nat Lefkoff
-- The Long Wait (
-- Untitled (
-- What's The Truth (

Paige Lewis
-- Angels ( w/ Adrian Bourgeois
-- Darkness Into Light ( w/ Adrian Bourgeois
-- Much To Learn (
-- One Good Day ( w/ Adrian Bourgeois
-- Where You Left Me (

Little Brave
-- Blame (
-- Middle Ground (

Ars Magna
-- Hourglass (

Stephen March
-- Holiday (
-- Northbound Train (

Matt McClean
-- Benediction (
-- Gunhand (
-- It's Working For Me (

Musical Charis
-- Catwalk (
-- East West (
-- Jezebel (
-- The Life (
-- Pop! Culture (
-- Touchy Hands (

Jesi Naomi
-- Change Train (
-- Change Train (
-- Crazy Heart (
-- Feeling Good (
-- Feeling Good (
-- In My Veins (
-- In My Veins (
-- Remedy (
-- Remedy (
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Melodic on 15 Jun 2011, 13:05
what city is your city, dude?
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 15 Jun 2011, 15:58
Sacramento, CA. A lot of great talent in town right now, and a very supportive scene, and I've barely scratched the surface. I'm really looking forward to finding more acts this summer.

[First Message Exceeded Maximum Length, so rest of list is here]

Lindsey Pavao
-- Nightmare (
-- Say Aah ( w/ ZuhG
-- Somebody That I Used To Know ( w/ ZuhG
-- Somebody That I Used To Know (

K Phillips
-- Does It Hold Water? (
-- You Don't Have To (

Martin Purtill
-- On My Way Out (
-- The Worst Of Me (

Random Abiladeze
-- Full Set @ Ace of Spades (

Iris Shanks
-- Crazy On You ( w/ Parie Wood

Sister Crayon
-- I'm Still The Same Person (
-- Other (
-- Full Set @ Ace of Spades ( (7 songs)

Autumn Sky
-- August (
-- Bad Blood (
-- Bad Blood (
-- Best and Worst (
-- Best and Worst ( w/ Sherman Baker
-- The Bird And The Bear (
-- The Bird And The Bear (
-- Chocolate + Interview (
-- Conversations (
-- I Cry (
-- I Light Afire (
-- Jolene (
-- The Moon (
-- Our Little Boy (
-- Rome (
-- We're Gonna Dance Like (
-- Where There's A Way ( w/ Adrian Bourgeois
-- Full Set @ Ace of Spades ( (6 songs)
-- Full Set @ Sammies Award Show ( (3 songs)

Sam Eliot Stern
-- Hollywood Movie Dream (

Survival Guide
-- Prohibition (
-- Symptoms (
-- The Walls (

Taking's Not Stealing
-- Don't Tease Me (
-- Officially Unofficial (
-- One For The Books (
-- Something I'm Not (
-- Tonight, Tonight (
-- Worry Not (

-- Arizona (

Tera Melos
-- Partial Set @ Ace of Spades (

Those Meddling Kids
-- Cherokee (

Two Sheds
-- To Be Alive (
-- Tragedy (
-- Tragedy (

Gillian Underwood
-- Blue Lady (
-- Couldn't Tell You Why (
-- Higher (
-- Silver Gun (

Walking Spanish
-- Differently (
-- JackSin (Is Long Gone) (
-- What If You Knew My Name? (

Patrick Walsh
-- Old Hangtown (

Parie Wood
-- Hope You Realize (
-- Missing Pieces (
-- People (

-- Outside (
-- Full Set @ Ace of Spades (

-- New Shoes (Hippy Feet) (
-- Jam ( at park concert
-- Full Set at Sammies Award Show (
-- Full Set @ Ace of Spades (
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Scandanavian War Machine on 15 Jun 2011, 16:10
sweet, will definitely check this stuff out when i get home

i love a good music
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 15 Jun 2011, 18:21
Some more.

The Bell Boys - Lights and Movement / Someone Spilled Dance on the Floor. ( The band that was backing James Cavern in the previous clip, with a couple of their own songs from the same park show. Solid act with nicely original lyrics. They share vocal duties, and I'd say the one thing they need to work on is developing their vocal chops, but that's a very minor quibble against the quality show they put on.

Ricky Berger - Stingy. ( I think she's probably the local artist with the biggest potential to blow up and hit the national and international scene. Here she is performing a country-ish song with help from Adrian Bourgeois.

Adrian Bourgeois - Parachutes. ( Songwriter with perhaps a bit of a Robyn Hitchcock vibe. Autumn Sky on backing vocals.

Reggie Ginn - Bruises and Bloodstains. ( Keyboard and a powerful soulful voice are her weapons of choice. Fun fun person to be around, too.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 18 Jun 2011, 07:27
3 more quick ones.

Walking Spanish - JackSin (Is Long Gone) ( Solid rock/jam band with some clever original tunes. Another show from the park.

James Cavern - Uncle Sam ( Another clip from the earlier park show.

Musical Charis - Pop! Culture ( This band (and Charis is not a typo) is easily one of the funnest acts in town. This was also the first really good test of an improvised mic setup on my camera to try to capture really loud venues that would otherwise overmodulate the audio. I still need to fine tune things, but overall it worked out really well. In the club I thought the mix was a muddy mess and couldn't understand any of the lyrics, but most of the clips were much much clearer.

Sunday, there's another show for James Cavern's EP release, with The Bell Boys, Musical Charis, and Autumn Sky as supporting acts (plus some other special guests I'm sure). Easily one of the highlight shows of the year so far and a likely source of many more juicy clips.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 26 Jun 2011, 21:29
Two more.

James Cavern - Realize ( This was from his EP release show.

Ricky Berger - Une Petite Berceuse ( The Gordon she dedicates this to at the beginning is Gordon Raphael. He produced an EP and 2 albums for The Strokes, as well as Regina Spektor's Soviet Kitsch, and is taking Ricky to his Berlin studio to produce her second album for her. The local weekly had a story on it all ( I'm so excited for her!  :-D
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: wrwight on 26 Jun 2011, 22:46
This kind of makes me wish I lived in Sacramento. There is some seriously good stuff on your channel. Thanks for posting!
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 28 Jun 2011, 23:27
Yeah, which is one reason I want to share as much of the scene as possible.

That said, here's a special Texas Edition of my page featuring touring musicians who have come through town.

Paige Lews - One Good Day ( With Adrian Bourgeois accompanying. She's based in Houston and had 2 songs featured on the soundtrack of Matchstick Men when she was still in high school.

K. Phillips - Does It Hold Water? ( Based around San Antonio, he was touring with frequent collaborator Little Brave. I've only heard a small sampling, but here he brings a bit of soul sensibility to his usual country sound.

Little Brave - Blame ( Also working around San Antonio. She performed a "musical" of her latest album, the first installment of which is here (
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 12 Jul 2011, 02:34
Another batch from the park concert series.

Kepi Ghoulie - Are You Passionate? ( Kepi always puts on a fun show, lots of energy and a great positive attitude about life and music.

Dog Party - Party (
Dog Party - Chihiro ( They may be 13 and 15, but Lucy and Gwen are already veterans on the local scene. It will be interesting to see how they develop as they get older.

Shannon Curtis - Anti-Gravity (
Shannon Curtis - Before The Sun ( Shannon was on the bill of one of the first local shows I saw, so I was really excited to get this chance to record her. An excellent singer and songwriter now living in L.A. Before the Sun was featured on The Hills, but don't hold that against her.  :-P
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 24 Jul 2011, 00:53
A bunch of new clips, some from a show last Friday, and a couple others from June as I get to some of my backlog.

Shannon Curtis ( again with Book of Fiction ( and Brightest Light in the Room (

Longtime local artist Gillian Underwood ( with Couldn't Tell You Why ( I have another of hers from this show I'm anxious to post, but I'm waiting for a title from her. I had mic issues with her set, unfortunately, so only 3 songs came out. Loose connection or wire somewhere that causes audio dropouts.

Visiting Oregon artist Annie Bethancourt ( with See Me ( and Glory Hallelujah I've Got Nothing (

The backlog was a couple clips from support acts at the James Cavern EP release show.

The Bell Boys with Invisible ( and Black Shoes and White Cars (

Autumn Sky with August (

Speaking of Autumn, I just came back from a show where she was one of the supporting acts for Tyler Rich in one of the bigger venues in town where a lot of the national touring acts perform (500 or so capacity, though there were more like 250 there tonight). It was her first time with a full band in a place like this, and she blew my socks right off. It's quite a feat for a coffeehouse performer to step up and fill a much larger venue with energy and sound, but she did it. I can't wait to get the footage uploaded to share.

I still need to check it all, but I also think that I personally really nailed it capturing not only her, but the other 4 opening acts. Unfortunately, by the time the headliner hit the stage, my arm was so exhausted from holding the camera that I'm not sure I was able to control the shaking!

But it was a good night, not only am I immensely proud of my friend, but I really took a forward in proving to myself that I can step into any kind of venue and get video that the act would be proud to show fans. Now to see if the actual footage bears that out!
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 24 Jul 2011, 18:12
And here it is ( Trying something new, since my youtube account no longer has a time limit on videos, I'm posting the whole set as one file. I was able to keep a steady hand between songs and the set moved along nicely to avoid any bad transitions. Unfortunately, there was a minor tape glitch during the 5th song, and I lost about half a second of video, so I "patched" the gap with some freeze frames. No way to do anything but keep the audio silenced, though. Hopefully it's such a minor hiccup in the larger picture it's not so noticeable, and besides, I think most people will just blame Youtube. ;)

Edit: BTW, if you're so inclined, please pass this one along as much as you can. Even if it's not your cuppa, you might know folks who are into this style. It would be really awesome if something of hers were to finally go at least somewhat viral.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 26 Jul 2011, 21:44
Some more good stuff.

Another from Gillian Underwood ( with Higher (

2 from Jesi Naomi, a girl with one soulful set of pipes! Remedy ( and In My Veins ( Yes, she's playing in a mall, but that's because this mall is cool enough to have a store that's totally devoted to the local music and art scene, and they sponsor weekly gigs there.

A couple from another act on Saturday's bill, Fate Under Fire ( The Simple Things (, and a cover of Kiss me thru the phone ( High energy pop/rock.

It's been interesting as I've contacted the 3 other bands I took video of on Saturday. I tell them about the video I took, and they all dubiously ask to see it for pre-approval to make sure it's up to their standards, and each time I send them the samples, they come back with "Wow! Can you come tape other shows of ours?" There's even talk of money changing hands in one case.  :-D

So expect some more soon from an all-girl power pop group, and a really grooving rock/funk combo.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 30 Jul 2011, 18:33
Here's the girl group, Adhara ( with Naughty (, and a cover of Mickey (

From Thursday's park concert, a couple from Exquisite Corps (, with a lush sound augmented by 2 violins and a cello. Light As A Feather ( and I Want What I Want (
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 10 Aug 2011, 06:48
A set of clips from this past Friday's park concert. I continue to get very satisfying responses to the work I do from the bands around town.

First up is Be Brave Bold Robot (, one of the more popular acts around town with a floating membership of around 3-8 different musicians depending on venue size and who they can get together on any particular gig. Here's a 7-member version of the lineup with Gridlocked ( and Keep the Women Happy (

Adrian Bourgeois ( again, with songs I already have on my page, but this time backed by members of Musical Charis. Parachutes ( and Jonah (

And here's Musical Charis ( headlining the show which doubled as their EP release party. Two high-energy songs from the hardest working group in Sacramento (they once played 10 shows in a calendar week) Catwalk ( and East West (
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 14 Aug 2011, 00:52
No videos to post just yet, but just got back from shooting some more bands at that same larger club I got some really good clips from before. One outrageous band called The Cosmonauts ( that I can't wait to share. Cross The Darkness with Comic-con, and you approach an idea of what they're like. A couple other local acts, and then my first attempt at a "national" act, The Cab. I was fearing an auto-tuned boy band, but they were all right, knew how to perform and give a good show, though the songwriting shows a lot of the weaknesses you see in a lot of the new generation of popular acts.

While I could just go ahead and post their clips like all their fans do anyway, I'm going to go through channels with them to see if I can actually impress either them or their management with the quality of my "audience" videos. I'd like to shift this into something I can do for money, so I need to start building a reputation for getting footage a band would be happy to use as promotional material without the complication and expense of bringing in a full video crew to a venue. Anyway, hope to have new stuff soonish!
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: idontunderstand on 14 Aug 2011, 05:06
Good stuff, keep it up.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 16 Aug 2011, 15:22
Thank you!  :-)

OK, here's the bands from the other night.

The Cosmonauts with Lights Out / The Ex-Girlfriend Song ( (with introductions of the characters between songs) and Sega's Making a Comeback ( Goofy goofy fun.  :-D

Taking's Not Stealing (​snotstealing) with Officially Unofficial ( and One for the Books ( Local band that was picked to play at The Warped Tour when it came to town last week. The reaction to my videos in this case was most satisfying. I quote: "WOW!!!!!! Thanks So much Jim! We've NEVER had any sort of live videos as well done and professional as these!:D"

And finally, The Cab ( Risky Business ( and Bad ( I sent an e-mail to them and got a non-committal reply that they'd take a look. It's probably some assistant at their label rather than them reading that account, but that suits my purposes just as well.

Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 20 Aug 2011, 12:53
Not a full update, but I had to share this one hot off the press. Sister Crayon started off as the solo moniker for Terra Lopez back when it was just her, an acoustic guitar, and a loop pedal. She's evolved that into a full band and has always taken her music to wherever it wants to go without regard to genre. Here's I'm Still the Same Person (

There is so much goodness from this show, more Exquisite Corps, and a neat trio Two Sheds.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 29 Aug 2011, 23:43
Before I return you to the regularly scheduled channel, I first bring you a special Beyonce Baby edition of this thread.

Annie Bethancourt ( covering Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) ( She skips the bridge for reasons given succinctly during the song.  :-P

And now to finish off that show I was talking about in the previous post...

Sister Crayon ( with Other ( Terra Lopez just goes someplace else when she's performing. I'm glad I get to peek inside this other world, but I'm not sure I'd want to live there.

Two Sheds ( with Tragedy ( and To Be Alive ( The singer Caitlin reminds me a bit of Margot Timmins of Cowboy Junkies. She has a wickedly sardonic sense of humor in her stage banter, but unfortunately when I tried to include some of it, ripping it out of the larger context just made her sound mean, so I left it out.

As promised, more Exquisite Corps. This time with a Lou Reed cover Street Hassle (, and an original Touched By The Fire (

And at last Thursday's park concert, I had to leave early, so I only recorded 3 songs, but here are 2 of them from Gillian Underwood ( Blue Lady ( and Silver Gun ( There's a quiet joy to her on stage that really seems to shine through. Hard to describe, but other friends have commented about the same thing, so I know it's just not me.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 08 Sep 2011, 04:23
OK, I finished transferring 8.5 hours of video I took during a local art/music festival from tape to the computer, and now I'm starting to process some of that for posting. A trickle to start, but expect a flood soon, with something like 25 acts!

Here's an early taste with Autumn Sky ( - The Bird and the Bear (, and ZuhG ( with a groovin' jam that got people in the park moving and dancing! (

And while not on my page, one of the artists I posted above, Shannon Curtis (, just released a new single that has a very cool video ( she made one afternoon "with an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, a Sharpee, and an iPhone"!
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 22 Sep 2011, 05:48
OK, lots of new stuff on my page from the Park concerts, and I've filmed a couple of other shows since then, but this post is for a young singer that is just knocking everybody's socks off (including mine).

Singer/songwriter Parie Wood picked up a judges' award at the local young musician's contest/concert back in the spring (her 3-song set recorded by somebody else (, which got her an invite to the cable access music show I work on, which is where I first saw her. I got a chance to film her set at the Chalk It Up park concert, but my camera crapped out half way through her set. Here's one song from the early part, though, Manifest (

Then I was able to get her full set at a coffeehouse show, so here's 2 from that. Hope You Realize (, and Missing Pieces ( I'm giving her the rest of the clips, so hopefully there will be more online soon.

There probably isn't anything that instantly grabs you, but the fact that a 16-year-old can fill an 11-song set with rock solid songwriting and performing throughout is the kind of thing that you don't see very often.
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 05 Oct 2011, 05:56
The local music awards show was held on Saturday with a 5-hour block party downtown. between the awards presentations, there were several sets of music. I managed to record most of them.

The kickoff was a set of various singer/songwriters showing their stuff. All of them friends of mine, so I had better record it all!

First a 3-song set from Autumn Sky ( She won awards for Singer/Songwriter and the overall Artist of the Year award, the 2nd year in a row she's pulled off this double feat!

Next up is Adrian Bourgeois for a song (, backed up by a couple members of Musical Charis, who won for best Indie Act. Following Adrian was Reggie Ginn with a song ( After that was a 3-song round by Justin Farren, Dean Haakenson, and Carly DuHain ( to finish off the songwriter set. In the first song, Justin gets off one of the best lines ever in describing what a car really is: A magic chair/ that burns the bones/ of dinosaurs/ propelling you/ at chosen speeds/ to anyplace/ you want to be.

After a few awards were presented, the group ZuhG came up for a rousing 35-minute set ( They were the evening's other double winner with awards for best release for their CD, and for best Reggae/Roots act.

A few more awards, and then a set by Exquisite Corps (, who were joined for 3 songs by a local ballet company in front of the stage. Unfortunately, there weren't any lights set up for that area, so all you see on my video is vague silhouettes.

In order to get shots, I had to hold my camera above my head, so by this time I didn't have the stamina to film any more, so I just shut it down and just enjoyed the rest of the show, something I don't do nearly enough these days. ;-)
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 16 Dec 2011, 17:02
Video dump since I haven't updated this thread in a while. About to run out to another show, so I'll have even more later.

Last night caught my friend Autumn playing at a local art museum's auditorium. As she said, easily the cleanest venue she's ever played at! Autumn Sky - We're Gonna Dance Like (

Opening for her was a young musician from down the road in Davis. Nat Lefkoff with an untitled song ( Still 17, but showing some good songwriting.

Another show with Shannon Curtis with a new song False Alarm (

Teen sister act Dog Party with The World Is Not A Game (

For those of you not quite into the singer/songwriter stuff I typically post, here's a couple from The Kelps, with more of a punk sensibility. Grimoire (, and The Unkillable Josef (
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 18 Dec 2011, 16:32
OK, 3 sets from the Friday show.

Headliner Sister Crayon ( My 200th uploaded video, and I'm really happy with how this came out. A full 44-minute set with one of the most dynamic performers to come out of the local scene.

ZuhG ( Only 2 songs in this 22-minute set, which tells you something about the way they jam!

Random Abiladeze ( The first rapper I've filmed. Not generally something I'm into, but with a good venue and an active stage style like he has, hell of a lot of fun to film.

3 more sets from this show to process.

I also have a question for anybody reading the thread. This venue is a really nice place to film, and they have a lot of pretty big national acts coming through, but while I recognize the names, I don't follow the current scene enough to know which are worth going to. So, if anybody wants to peruse the venue calendar ( and point me at some shows you'd like to see with some high quality video, let me know!

And yes, I see that Attack Attack! is playing in February.  :roll:
Title: Re: My YouTube Channel
Post by: Jimor on 09 Mar 2012, 06:05
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. (

No, I didn't film Attack Attack!, but it's just about as bad. :psyduck: Let's see how pandering to the lowest common denominator works out.

I haven't posted a lot of new videos since my previous reply, but since I now have a new computer that can render these things out about 5 times faster than before, I should be able to start catching up with not only some newly filmed shows, but a lot of the backlog from the past year, so I'll have some GOOD stuff to post to make up for this one.
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Some new material.

The opening acts from that Breathe Carolina show, who were both local and much better performers.

Headlines with Everything About Us (, and a cover of Jimmy Eat World's The Middle (

Taking's Not Stealing, with Something I'm Not (, Worry Not (, and Don't Tease Me ( What really impresses me beyond the music is how great they are with their fans, really making a personal connection with so many of them both at the shows and online.

And finally, I got a chance to shoot an intimate show at a local coffeehouse where Cake's bassist, Gabe Nelson, brought his for-fun side-project, Bellygunner. Negative Kids (, and This Tree (
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Lots of news since I've last posted! The biggest is that I'm producing a short series of shoots this Summer at one of the clubs downtown. One of the perks of being a qualified member of the access station is being able to use the remote truck, essentially an entire multi-camera TV studio stuffed into a converted RV. We have 4 shoots set up, with 3 acts each time, and I'll then turn each set into a half-hour episode for the station, then post them online. A nice chance to get some really nice quality live footage of some of our best acts in town. I also have carte blanche from the boss at the station to turn my personally filmed footage into a show for the station, so that's something I'm working on as well. Finally, I have my Songwriter Sacramento show (1-hour in-studio songwriter showcase) that I haven't done anything with in a while that I need to get up and running again. I have a couple of shoots already in the can that just need editing.

Between all these, and my regular live shoots that I post on this YouTube page, I'm starting to get more and more recognition from people in the local scene.

Anyway, enough talk, time for some music!

Another super charming teen act 99, 100 rocking the toy piano! [url]Rabbit Season[/url], Heather (, and Serial Killers (

Parie Wood with People (

The Generals, who are unashamedly stuck in the 90s (which hits right in the sweet spot of my own personal taste). Alive (, Rain or Shine (, and Thank You (

Another couple from Nat Lefkoff. Amazing songwriter for somebody so young. What's the Truth (, and The Long Wait (

Survival Guide, another duo with that big synth rock sound (and I can't help but crush on Emily a little bit). Symptoms (, and The Walls (

And that's it for now. I made a quick estimate, and I've recorded approximately 130 sets of music since last August, with about 70 hours of footage, only a small fraction of which I've processed so far. On top of all the current projects and new shoots, I still need to catch up on all that!
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It's been almost a year since I opened this thread, and a LOT has happened since then. I do have to say that the TV shoot I talked about in the last post went GREAT, and I have some fantastic material from all 3 acts that I can't wait to share. I might have some thoughts on that later, but now, more music!

First, a brush with "fame". Lindsey Pavao is a local singer who was on this season of The Voice, making it to the semi-finals before being eliminated (the show going from 8 down to 4 finalists). Really nice voice and some really good performances on the show, even though I feel it's largely pointless to judge a singer based on nothing but covers. Anyway, she's back home and trying to adjust to life back in the real world, and one of her first local performances was at a bar downtown with a friend opening, and a band I know well and have shot a few times playing 2nd and her headlining.

So I figured I'd go to see what she can do. Unfortunately, for the purposes of filming, all the "fans" drawn to the gig because of her TV fame turned out to be drunken louts who couldn't figure out that screaming "WE LOVE YOU LINDSEY!" in the middle of a quiet acoustic song kinda ruins it for everybody else in the crowd. So the only salvageable footage I got was when the 2nd band joined her for a couple of the covers that made her famous, and were loud enough to drown out most of the idiots. Posted one so far.

Lindsey Pavao - Somebody That I Used To Know (

Next up, Autumn Sky released her 2nd full-length CD on Saturday. Here's one of the new tracks, Best and Worst (

Another friend released his CD that night as well, and I'll have a clip from him shortly, but to open for both of them, Ricky Berger once again left a stunned crowd with performances like A Wish Is A Dream Your Heart Breaks ( Amazing piano fireworks, even if she did screw up once and whisper "shit!" into the microphone.  :wink:

A few days earlier, another amazing female voice from the area performed her last show before moving up to Humboldt. Jesi Naomi with In My Veins (

James Cavern from earlier that night covering Pursuit of Happiness (

Then to close out that night, something of a local all-star band jam out for 26 minutes on The ReOccurring Dream (

Then the day after, I head down to a lunchtime park show, and get a full set from Island of Black and White ( Really great energy from them, and because it's outdoors, some of the best sound I get. I also fancied up the transitions between songs with the event sponsor logo, and some shots from around the park. Trying to up my game as far as overall presentation so I can start attracting some paying gigs with this stuff!

One thing I'd like to do in this thread over the next few weeks is start building a convenient artist/song index in the original post to make it easy for anybody curious to just browse around my page. I have about 245 clips up now, and so many more to come!
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OK, the 1st and 3rd message of this thread now contain a complete list of the live music posted to my YouTube page, arranged by artist name, then song title (if a song repeats, it's in order of posting), with a few full sets listed last under those artists.

I count 72 different artists on the page, that now has nearly 270 live videos. I know that I have maybe 20 more acts that I've never gotten around to posting, so I'll try to catch up with some of that in the coming weeks.

I'm too tired to say more than that at the moment. Feel free to click random links, and if you like what you hear, post about it!  :-)
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Some recent additions.

Satan Is A Vampire ( by Fierce Creatures, a high-energy band out of Fresno.

Paris ( by Kat Devlin, a charming chanteuse from Santa Barbara. I gotta admit I'm a sucker for some nice loop pedal work.

Red Handed ( by Hero's Last Mission. These guys are usually tearing it up on much bigger stages, but here for an "acoustic" set for a local benefit show, they prove that a coffeehouse can ROCK.

Lindsey Pavao with a solo cover of Bon Iver's Skinny Love (

Gabe Nelson, the bassist for Cake, going solo with an original that's Pure Entertainment (

From a set on my hard drive I hadn't gotten around to processing, here's Eisley with The Valley ( from a show here last year.

One the way, some amazing clips from last night from Exquisite Corps, Fierce Creatures, and James Cavern.
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Working on the TV show has really slowed down my personal live music video production, but here are a couple of additions of note.

First was the local area's music awards show, the "Sammies", which I captured in its entirety and posted as a nearly 4-hour clip. Fortunately, if you open the description, you can get timed links to specific sections of the show. Probably the one bit that would be of interest to somebody coming into it cold would simply be the first set of music featuring 5 different acts ( in a rapidfire tradeoff of a song apiece.

Next is a very short and sweet tune from Ricky Berger. I keep going on and on about her, but when she was featured at the major art museum's amphitheater she really put on a tour-de-force 90-minute set that absolutely melted the hearts of the audience. Here's just over a minute of absolute loveliness with "The Things I Couldn't See" (
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The first episode of my TV show is now online on its own YouTube page ( I really tried to create a format that mixes the music with a bit of interview in a way that gives viewers new to the act a pretty good perspective on both the music and the people behind it so that there's enough of a personal attachment at the end for them to seek out more. I'd be curious to hear if that works for folks here.

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A couple of other full episodes online now.

Parie Wood.

The Kelps.