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Title: Any Iron Maiden fans in the London area?!
Post by: spoon_of_grimbo on 04 Aug 2011, 03:53
Thanks to the collective shitstorm that is car insurance renewal and being all kinds of fucked about at work, I'm in the unfortunate position of having a ticket to see Iron Maiden tomorrow (Friday) night at the O2 in Wembley, and absolutely no way of getting to London (I live a considerable distance away).  

Basically, I'm looking to sell my ticket (cost me 50, so I'm thinking 40 or nearest offer?).  Some friends of mine in London are going and one has all the tickets, so if anyone's interested in buying mine, please PM me your phone number and I'll get him to contact you about meeting up before the gig.  In fact, it might be an idea to also send me a message on facebook ( if you're interested, as I'll get that on my phone if i'm not in when you send it.

If this thread somehow breaks the forum rules, sorry - obviously i'm not a ticket tout, i'd rather be at the gig but unfortunately it's not worked out that way.

EDIT - There are in fact THREE tickets available, apparently two more of our group have dropped out, only three of them are still able to get there.