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Title: Steam's Linux External Beta Starting in October
Post by: ackblom12 on 27 Sep 2012, 06:04
Welp, looks like after all the rumors, this is 100% true.

Things have been going well. We will be having an internal beta starting next week, and a private external beta for 1,000 users sometime in October.

The private external beta will include:

One Valve game
Support for Ubuntu 12.04 and above
It will not yet include:

Big Picture mode
Additional Valve games
For existing Linux users, the external private beta is a good release for seeing where we are in running our games on Linux. We will be using a sign up page for the external beta. Information about the sign up will be announced in a future post.

For those new to Linux, we recommend waiting for a subsequent release where more features are implemented along with improvements to the user install experience.

They'll be using Left 4 Dead 2 as the test game for the beta.

Looks like this should be getting passed out to external beta users in late October, so should be enough time for me to dual boot with Mint 14 (It's Ubuntu based, not sure if that means it'll work with Steam. If not I'll just use Ubuntu) and getting used to Linux.
Title: Re: Steam's Linux External Beta Starting in October
Post by: smack that isaiah on 29 Sep 2012, 06:07
Yay!  Love for Linux gamers!  Guess I gotta update to LTS 12 soonish...