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Title: Christmas plans!
Post by: Barmymoo on 14 Dec 2012, 06:54
Now we've definitely had a thread like this before, but I decided to start a new one because the old one is probably huge already.

I'm making plans for Christmas food, and I've already put up my tiny tiny Christmas tree (on my desk - I don't really have space for one that goes on the floor). Secret Santa presents are all wrapped and sent, and a few family presents have been bought. I've got a fairly exciting travel schedule - Jens arrives on the 22nd and we're off around the country visiting friends and having parties.

Christmas dinner will be at noon/early afternoon on the 25th and we're having Quorn roast, roast potatoes and parsnips, buttered carrots, steamed sprouts, cranberry sauce and maybe some vegetarian stuffing, with Christmas pudding to follow (with cream and brandy butter of course!). I'm trying to pack all the traditional British Christmas foods into the few days we're actually at home, so we'll be having a Christmas lunch picnic on the 24th in the queue for the Nine Lessons and Carols service - mince pies, fancy cheeses, Christmas cake, some kind of sandwiches probably. Obviously as vegetarians we're not having turkey.

What are you all planning for Christmas? Especially, what are non-UK/US people having for Christmas dinner? And indeed USians who don't have British-influenced dinner?
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: BeoPuppy on 14 Dec 2012, 07:17
I'm in the process of drawing up a menu for the third day of christmas. Probably a bird of some kind. Turkey ... or duck ... Don't know yet. It'll be novel and exciting either way. Also, our tree is over two meters. Anf this year we have one especially for the little one. And it's ... a little one.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Lines on 14 Dec 2012, 07:38
I don't really know what I'm doing for Christmas dinner yet, but I am spending it with my mom. (Michael will be visiting his family out in Utah.) Michael and I already have the tree up, but we're going to finish decorating it tonight. I've also got a few gifts wrapped, but I need to finish making some others and wrap them, too. I also need to hurry up and finish the kitty toys I was planning on making. And getting my mom's gifts, because I haven't done that yet... D:
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: pwhodges on 14 Dec 2012, 08:31
I shall be entertaining a group of family and friends the weekend before Christmas; have no plans yet for Christmas Day itself; will spend 27th-31st in Germany with my son and grandchildren.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: celticgeek on 14 Dec 2012, 09:28
My daughter and son-in-law will be spending the week before Christmas, and up to Christmas Day, with us.  We are planning a Christmas Eve meal of prime rib, with many trimmings.

We are also planning to visit several things in the area, including the Musical Instrument Museum, and we are also planning to see The Hobbit
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: The Seldom Killer on 14 Dec 2012, 09:46
I'm working on Christmas Eve and again on the 27th/28th so no major plans.

The father of a friend of ours died recently so his closest family is a brother who lives near us. The current plan is that we'll go out mountain biking early on Christmas Day and then head back over to the brother's house where I'll run up Christmas dinner and we'll chill out watching a few films on a big screen and doing some boozing. Basically trying to keep it low key and chilled so it isn't too much of the first big thing without any parents. I don't make much of Christmas anyway so this sits right in my comfort, it'll practically be like an extra Sunday.

Boxing day is usually a day for doing different stuff but not sure what yet. Will be on the scout for the weird and wonderful. Might be going down towards Nottingham for New Year. Will see what happens really.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: LeeC on 14 Dec 2012, 10:02
we're taking bets on whether Obama will close the office on the 24th so we all get a 4 day weekend.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Carl-E on 14 Dec 2012, 10:47
Where do you work? 

Our tree's up (9 footer, we have 9 1/2 foot ceilings).  Not decorated yet - I'm still working on the outside lights for the house, too. 

Christmas eve we have a party that was originally for people at the church who "worked" both christmas eve services - choir, acolytes, the organist, etc.  This year, our doofus of a priest-in-charge (appointed by the bishop, he's offended and driven away half the remaining parishoners) has cancelled the midnight service. 

We're having the party anyway.  He's not invited.  Ham and potluck.  And since this year there's no late service to go to, we'll also be opening the wine...

Christmas day is a day spent in pyjamas.  We always get two cheap turkeys at thanksgiving, so we'll be doing "thanksgiving - the sequel" on christmas day. 
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Barmymoo on 14 Dec 2012, 10:51
Carl, your Christmas always sounds like fun. But CANCELLED THE MIDNIGHT SERVICE? What exactly is wrong with him? Has he forgotten what Christmas actually is about? I mean, it's totally fine if you don't celebrate Christmas as a religious festival, that's fine... unless you're a Christian priest! Something doesn't add up here.

My boyfriend's mother is a little concerned about cooking for two vegetarians for two days, so I will be taken frozen leftovers for Jens and I. They'll probably defrost slowly in the car, during the hour's journey, and be ready to pop in the fridge when we arrive. This is a good plan, right? It means we'll be eating the same two dishes twice in four days, but that's probably fine.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Thrillho on 14 Dec 2012, 11:01
Given my divorce I want nothing to do with family this year.

I'm going to a crazy party in London on the 21st, on the 22nd visiting my parents in Nottingham, on the 23rd going from there to Whitehaven, staying there until the 28th when I'm going to Leeds over New Year's, then back to the homestead to start back at work on the 3rd of Jan.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Pilchard123 on 14 Dec 2012, 11:03
It means we'll be eating the same two dishes twice in four days, but that's probably fine.

Hey, it's better than eating the same food twice.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: The Seldom Killer on 14 Dec 2012, 11:06
Barmy - I'd say the quality of plan depends on what you're cooking.

I'd suggest cooking something that improves by sitting overnight like Hugh F-W's Aubergine Parmagiana as an easily transportable dish that improves overnight and is tolerant of fluctuations in temperature.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Barmymoo on 14 Dec 2012, 11:15
I'll be making a Quorn, leek and mushroom pie and a Quorn roast. The roast is on Christmas day itself, and the pie will be made probably on the 21st or 22nd and frozen in portions straight away. I considered buying some kind of coolbag but I think I won't bother - an hour in a car in late December isn't going to cause too much temperature change, surely? Aubergine Parmagiana is on my list of things to try cooking, but since it takes over an hour (which will mean two with me) and requires ingredients I don't have, it won't be in the next couple of weeks.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: henri bemis on 14 Dec 2012, 11:28
We always do a classic thanksgiving-style dinner - turkey, potatoes, veggies, pie.  My only culinary contribution will be a bowl of olives, which only my grandpa and I liked.  He died a few years ago, but I still have to have olives on christmas.  Other than that, I pretty much just show up, eat, and argue about politics until we all drink enough wine to get sleepy.

This year will be a bit weird, though - it's the first time in a over a decade that my entire family will be together at my grandmother's house (about 30 people), which sort of makes me worry about her health.  But it should be fun, too - I'm the oldest cousin, and most of the others are still in elementary school, so I'll get to play with all their toys vicariously experience the joy of children opening presents.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Bluesummers on 14 Dec 2012, 16:29
I will be visiting my sister-in-law for Christmas...and her two unruly daughters. >_<

Bring on the rum.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Pilchard123 on 14 Dec 2012, 16:31
You burned all the food, the shade, the rum!
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: valley_parade on 14 Dec 2012, 18:37
Girlfriend's leaving next Friday to see family in Syracuse, so I'm just having a small dinner on xmas with my mom. She comes back for New Year's, so we're doing gifts then.

So yeah, nothing big or special for me.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Redball on 14 Dec 2012, 19:38
I invited myself to Nashville to visit my wife's sister and her family since my daughter it heading into New Hampshire to ski on Christmas Day. Learned that the Nashville family will celebrate on the 23rd, so I'll drive down there, have a good time with family I haven't seen since before Clara's death, then perhaps drive east to visit some of her nephews or return to Michigan and, if I'm not over the need to see good friends, glom on to someone else on Christmas Day. Alone, I'm shameless.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Carl-E on 15 Dec 2012, 08:37
an hour in a car in late December isn't going to cause too much temperature change, surely?

Be sure to keep it away from the heating vents.  In the back, they're usually on the floor under the front seats to keep your feet warm. 

The boot may be the best place to keep it cool, just brace it to keep it from sliding around. 
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Jace on 18 Dec 2012, 15:42
I am going to be working both the eve and the day. I will work, eat ramen noodles, then go home, and eat ramen noodles again. I will not open presents if they are wrapped because I hate the holidays. I am okay with how this will play out.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Petula on 19 Dec 2012, 06:28
I am going to visit my boyfriend whom I haven't seen for a while now. I even bought myself some blemish balm ( and make-up so that I am looking absolutely stunning as soon as I step out the train. I am so excited that I already packed my things a couple of days ago...
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: celticgeek on 19 Dec 2012, 08:12
Daughter and son-in-law have arrived.  So far the activities have included eating WAY out of our league, movies (the second Sherlock Holmes, Hunger Games, Skyfall, and Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol), and computer discussions. 

Good times.

Edit:  The plans are complete, and daughter and son-in-law are on their way back to Ohio.

We ate well:  Mexican, Middle Eastern, Cajun, two separate Irish pubs, twice at a local micro-brewery, a sports bar, and a sandwich shop and ice cream parlor.  This is in addition to various breakfasts, lunches and dinners at home. 

For Christmas (Eve) dinner we had prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, Jello salad, green salad, candied yams, olives, pickles, with pumpkin pie for dessert. 

Based on the above, ( and presents mentioned below)I have gained about 500 pounds in the last week :).

As presents I got a book on the History of Bray, Ireland, some sample bottles of Bunratty's mead, a sample bottle of Molly Sallivan's Irish poitin (Irish moonshine, I understand), a set of twelve different holiday coffees, a Dilbert calendar, and other things.  As a family we received about 250,000 calories of cookies, cakes, fruitcakes, crackers cheese, wine and whatnot. 

We saw a bunch of movies:  Skyfall and The Hobbit - 3D in theaters, and Bolt, The Amazing Spiderman, Men In Black 3, The Descendants, Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, The Bourne Legacy, Total Recall, Hope Springs, and as a finale, A Thousand Clowns.

An extremely fun and enjoyable week!

Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Carl-E on 27 Dec 2012, 00:58
Saw Les Miz on Christmas day while the turkey was cooking. 

Ohgod, I wept so hard at the end.  I swear, the ending made little sense to me whenever I saw it live (nearly 20 years ago the first time), it just seemed that they tagged the "rousing anthem" onto the end as a theatrical tidbit, but the way they handled it in the movie...

Shit, I'm crying again.  Dammit. 

Go see it. 

Oh!  And I got a wind-up nutcracker music box/automota for my nutcracker collection.  It beats a drum while playing the dance of the sugar plum fairy, all mechanical.  It's not christmas without at least one stupid, impractical gift! 
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Bluesummers on 27 Dec 2012, 19:26
Wow...the movie was that good? Mkay, I was gonna hold off, but I guess I gotta see it too. My wife is fanatical about the musical, and I played the orchestral arrangement back when I was a concert tubist...Ah, those were the days.
Title: Re: Christmas plans!
Post by: Carl-E on 28 Dec 2012, 16:53
OK, here's the thing - I read one review after seeing it that said it was overkill to have the actors emoting the same thing they were singing.  That is, the emotions in the songs were being hit over your head by the acting, and vice versa. 

But really, I thought it worked surprisingly well.  I'm thinking that reviewer never saw a movie musical before - they're all like that.  It's sort of the point...

Also, Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as the innkeepers were a tour de force.