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Title: Homeward Bound
Post by: GarandMarine on 31 Jan 2014, 21:13
So little cheese's home acquisition got me thinking about homes, and particularly where I want my living quarters to end up as time goes on. Here's the general work up of my home design.


Lots of hard wood flooring, some specialist set up stuff in the master bathroom (guests get a SHOWER CUBICLE) and importantly, lots of open space. The left "hall way" (sorta) would include the doors to the closet, WC and out to the garage (corrugated steel structure, cause cheap and efficient) and the stairs down to the basement, which would be left unfinished for the most part. The right hall way would be left "clean" and the "back" hallway would have a couple large chairs, a small table or two, some of my book shelves, and the doors out to the patio along with access to the guest room/office and to the master suite.

Over all, simple, efficient, open and relatively utilitarian while still being comfy. The perfect retreat.
Title: Re: Homeward Bound
Post by: LookingIn on 31 Jan 2014, 22:09
"inner garden"- are you creating a solarium with skylights or just an area with lots of plants and sunlight? And is it a whole new room complete with walls or part of the main floor that open to the rest of the space but with plants and lots of light?

I haven't seen a layout like this in 20 years, that place was built on top of a bakery by the owners and was one of the only places in the city that had a solarium
Title: Re: Homeward Bound
Post by: GarandMarine on 01 Feb 2014, 00:29
It's a more of a court yard. I want a little pond and a tree in there.