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Title: Returning to WWII
Post by: LeeC on 12 Aug 2015, 18:54
I thought this was a good idea to share.  I couldnt think of what thread to put it in so I'm creating one.

Title: Re: Returning to WWII
Post by: Neko_Ali on 12 Aug 2015, 19:03
I've been watching Extra Credits for years now, and they are pretty much always full of good, insightful views into the games industry and games as a whole. I do think it's interesting and a bit sad that so much has been done about a very small number of areas involved in WWII. And everywhere else almost nothing. They really didn't address it but I think a lot of that is Eurocentralism. Basically outside of a few incidents, unless it happened in Europe or Russia, it just wasn't that important to the war. As far as the people writing the stories and these games are concerned anyway. I'm sure the people living in those areas of the world feel rather differently. When it comes to games though at least, most of the companies making WWII games are based out of the USA, I think?