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Title: Interdimensional music
Post by: LeeC on 30 Mar 2018, 21:56
I recently found a podcast run by a few youtubers that I like from other podcasts (Jesse Cox, Mathas, and Alex Faciane).  This podcast is about paranormal stuff that they discuss and try to debunk (Amityville Horror, Skin-walkers, Hollow Moon, etc).  They recently did an episode involving interdimensional travel to a parallel universe and someone brought back music from that dimension.

It seems pretty far fetched until you hear the music, which gave me chills.  I thought it would be fun to share this, whether you believe the story or not, its just a fun ride and I wanted to share this experience with all of you.

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Title: Re: Interdimensional music
Post by: Morituri on 10 Apr 2018, 11:50
This is kind of a hoot. 

On one level?  It's easily possible to make a bunch of recordings of songs that never happened by artists who did.  I never thought of it before, but I absolutely know how to do it.  With a few months to set up, I could start putting out never-released Elvis Presley albums, with the actual voice on the tape (or CD) indistinguishable from genuine Elvis at whatever stage of his career this fake album was supposed to be from.  Or albums the Doors never released, or whatever...  This is totally possible, and would be a hoot!  I could build an entire album collection of cross-dimensional music!

The kicker?  Absolutely couldn't have done it in 1990.  Not enough compute power in the world at that time.

Well.  Not enough in OUR world.....