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Title: RIP Shelby
Post by: BenRG on 06 Apr 2018, 01:31

On his Twitter Feed, Jeph yesterday announced the death of his long-time friend and muse, Shelby the Great Pyrenees dog.

As someone who was heartbroken when his childhood pet died suddenly and, as thus, know it is as great a blow as the death of any human could be, I just wanted to take this opportunity to offer Jeph my condolences.
Title: Re: RIP Shelby
Post by: JoeCovenant on 06 Apr 2018, 01:36

Good Doggo...

Title: Re: RIP Shelby
Post by: badbum61 on 06 Apr 2018, 08:01
A doggo is SO much more than just a family member. You don't choose to make your blood relatives part of your family...

Having been through the same process with my catbuddy of 17 years, I feel your pain, Jeph.
My heartfelt commiserations to you.
Title: Re: RIP Shelby
Post by: hedgie on 06 Apr 2018, 13:35
Poor Shebly.  I always considered her an unofficial mascot for QC, but obviously, she was much more to Jeph, as a loving companion and friend.  I'm not even a dog person, but I cried when my parents called me to come with them to the vet hospital to put their last dog down.
Title: Re: RIP Shelby
Post by: pwhodges on 06 Apr 2018, 16:37
I think that my recently departed Polly and Shebly would get on great if they should meet in doggy heaven.  My commiserations to Jeph.