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Title: Accidental QC thievery
Post by: chaospersonified on 25 Apr 2018, 22:29
One of my last classes before I graduate is in Multimedia Advertising.

One of the last assignments is making a brochure for a non-existent company, even if that company wouldnít actually make a brochure. This is a morning class, and I sat at my desk for about ten minutes, draining my 40 oz thermos of coffee. My dad made it that morning; it wasnít as strong as I like it. Hey... Thatís a company!

So I go about making the brochure. I figure Iím ripping off Deathwish Coffee. Thisíd be a coffee shop for folks who arenít morning people. Nothing fancy. Strong coffee, served fast. Fuck generally accepted/expected social niceties, those can go out the window; forget fancy-ass, barely coffee-flavored sugar-drinks; this is about getting caffeine into your body as quickly and effectively as possible.


Yeah, this was the point  I realized that I was making a brochure for a Coffee of Doom.

I went back through the QC archive for ideas of similar things/ability to recognize where I was actually straight up stealing. It was fun.