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Title: Hello from Larchmont, NY
Post by: HughYeman on 02 Jun 2018, 09:14
Hi folks. My name is Hugh, and I go by Ol' Firebones on Patreon. I live right next to Long Island Sound, just north of the Bronx. I work as a computer programmer in Manhattan. I enjoy running and hiking and history, and spending lots of quality time with my wife and daughter and grandchildren and nephew and niece. I produce a podcast where I follow along with newspapers from 50, 100 and 150 years ago in order to gain a media-centric historical context, because I am an utter moron who enjoys making things no one will ever consume. :-)

I've been enjoying QC for maybe eight or ten years. Sometime last year, the Bubbles and Faye storyline had touched me so much that it pushed me over the edge into becoming a patron. During the last few weeks, Faybles has pushed me way, *way* over the edge. I've been a mess. I've been shipping *so* hard, and I *never* ship.  It's touched something so deep in me that I've been tearing up every time I go back and read the strips. And now, the crowning embarrassment: for the first time in my life, I have finished and posted a piece of fan fiction. *That's* what a mess I am.

I got a tremendous amount of joy out of writing it, and I hope it honors Jeph's work. Per the suggestions in the introductory material, I will hang out for a bit before I post it.
Title: Re: Hello from Larchmont, NY
Post by: pwhodges on 02 Jun 2018, 12:31

Just remember that discussion of comics seen by patrons and not shown publicly is not allowed here (to preserve the incentive to subscribe through Patreon).
Title: Re: Hello from Larchmont, NY
Post by: HughYeman on 02 Jun 2018, 13:11
Oh, OK. Thanks.