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Title: Dyslexic Lemons
Post by: Gyrre on 06 Apr 2019, 08:20
Instead of doing a prank for April Fool's, YouTube musician and animator Gooseworx has opted to release her album Dyslexic Lemons as a pay what you want album on bandcamp (
Quote from: Gooseworx
It's true... The album I started forever ago, but never really got to finishing is now available. I don't think the finished songs quite hold up to my current standards in terms of mixing and mastering, so I've decided to drop them here, as well as some unfinished ones for FREEEEE.

Dependent on your tastes, there's some pretty good music on the album, so feel free to kick Gooseworx some money if you want to.
My personal favorite is a track I'm going to describe as 'progressive Vaudeville' called Clocks are Swell.
Title: Re: Dyslexic Lemons
Post by: cybersmurf on 06 Apr 2019, 13:04
... For whatever reason your post gives me a "Brun meets young Lemon" vibe.