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Title: T-Shirts
Post by: Stuart Hemming on 17 Apr 2019, 00:50
Hi there Jeph.

Am loving QC.

I live in the UK.

I'm never going to buy one of you t-shirts, not 'cos I don't want to, I really do, but because you ship from the US, we have to pay tax (and I have no problem with that, well, not much  :meh:) but, if our customs people open the package (and the often do) we get charged more that 10 ($13) inspection fee.

So. I wondered if you would consider selling, for example, iron-on transfers of the artwork? They would attract less in the way of inspections (I believe) and as they are printed material, they would also attract no VAT.

I win, 'cos I just pay you for the goods and you win 'cos I buy something rather than nothing from you.

Just a thought