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Title: Putting together an all lady dinobot team
Post by: Gyrre on 24 Dec 2019, 04:02
I was recently reminded about Fansproject's disappointing Comera and  Echara thanks to that controversial third party Arcee (called "Nicee"). So I figured an OC I made in direct response to them named Spikestrip could use some teammates.

Spikestrip herself has a Kentrosaurus altmode, I'm also working on one called Rhinestone (Ankylosaurus magnaventris), but I need at least 3 more. I was thinking of maybe using a Titanosaur as the heavy weapons expert, a Pachyrhinosaurus as the medic, and either a Stygimoloch  or Pachycephelosaurus as a sniper. BTW, they're a bunch of mercs.

But itcd feel weird not having a pterosaur or a therapod on the team. I might also need a different clade of sauropod since some reconstruction art for Titanosaurs give them massively bulky necks, and I'd like to avoid shell forming.
Any suggestions?

Wasn't sure whether to put this in here or over in CHATTER sonce they're fan characters. If this gets moved, I understand.

EDIT: resized some text.
Title: Re: Putting together an all lady dinobot team
Post by: Gyrre on 24 Dec 2019, 04:07
Yes, I have art of Spikestrip. And, yes, I actually built her with Lego.


I might rethink her personality since I'm reassigning her team, but I like the punniness of her being figuratively prickly as well as physically so.

Besides, Rhinestone is the cheery one.