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Title: Sandman (Netflix series)
Post by: hedgie on 07 Aug 2022, 15:51
The Sandman is probably my favourite graphic novel ever, so Iíve been awaiting this with both excitement and trepidation ever since Iíve saw the first announcements.  Iím enjoying it thus far.  The casting is pretty spot-on IMO, even how Patton Oswaltís voice kinda grates, that makes him even *more* perfect as a talking raven, for example.  The story thus far seems pretty well-adapted (and in some ways, updated.  since everything that follows may be a potential spoiler, itís marked as such)

Edit:  I just hope that it doesnít have the same sort of production problems that plagued American Gods.

Edit again: Finished the first series, and am quite happy with it.  I just hope that as it continues, they donít excise or too heavily abridge the side-stories that really made the graphic novel what it was.  Two of my friends who are amongst the most difficult to please fans of things also think that itís quite good.
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Title: Re: Sandman (Netflix series)
Post by: zmeiat_joro on 18 Aug 2022, 09:37
An ex of mine had the complete collection in physical form -- it took, like, a third of her library. There's a LOT of it. (and I had read most of it anyway before we started dating). I just remembered yesterday that they've made it into a TV series. I hope it's good.

EDIT: And I just remembered I got a free Netflix subscription for a month a few years ago that I haven't yet used.
Title: Re: Sandman (Netflix series)
Post by: hedgie on 18 Aug 2022, 10:06
I'm overall happy, although waiting for the other shoe to drop in some form or another, and my friends who have seen it enjoy it as well and think that the start is promising.  Considering how my friend circle is about as harsh on adaptations as it's possible to be without veering into the territories of racism, misogyny or LGBT*phobia, us not ripping it to shreds mercilessly alone is strong praise.  Us actually liking it is an extremely bar which it's largely passing.
Title: Re: Sandman (Netflix series)
Post by: zmeiat_joro on 18 Aug 2022, 10:57
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