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Title: *raises chainsaw hand* Groovy
Post by: spazworrier on 03 Mar 2005, 14:47
(Sorry if there is another thread about these. I did a brief search and came up with nothing, but I could be mistaken.)

Just out of interest, has anyone been reading the (Evil Dead) Army of Darkness comics?

I've have all of the "Ashes 2 Ashes" and the first issue (soon to get some more) of "Shop till you drop dead". All I have to say is "OH MY F*CKING GOD!" these comics are great, espescially when you're an Uber-Evil Dead fan like myself, but I think that a non-Evil Dead fan will like this comic for the humor and gore anyway.

Well those are my $0.02, I was just wondered what you guys thought?
Title: *raises chainsaw hand* Groovy
Post by: Conatonc on 03 Mar 2005, 15:51
I read the first mini. At first, I really liked it. The art was cartoony, exaggerated, and a lot of fun. And the story, while a little convoluted, was cool, too. Then, somewhere around the third issue, something started bugging me. I finally laid my finger on it while reading the fourth issue. The dialogue sucks. The writer of the comic seems to be totally incapable of writing Ash. All he is doing is recycling Ash-isms from the movies, and it happens at least a couple of times every issue. There's never anything new here, and it bothers me quite a bit. So I stopped getting it after the first issue of "Shop til You Drop Dead" showed no progress on this front.
Title: *raises chainsaw hand* Groovy
Post by: spazworrier on 03 Mar 2005, 17:00
The Ash-isms didn't really bother me, I just laughed it up! The only thing that bugged me would be the rocket-hand......when I saw it fly off his wrist all I could think was "Wow, that's some pretty nifty technology for our time, we now have rocket-fists!". But besides from that I enjoyed the comic.

I thought the first issue of Shop til you drop Dead was pretty good if you ask me, being from the UK I never got the S-Mart Ash as the original ending on AoD, so the fact that it's all set in S-Mart is a real bonus for me. But it's early days for Shop Til you Drop Dead for me, even if I don't like it I'll probably still buy the comics being the collector that I am.
Title: *raises chainsaw hand* Groovy
Post by: Abattur on 05 Mar 2005, 16:20

Holy shit i think i died and rose up at afterlife.