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Title: 24-hour 365-day comic
Post by: TheMike on 18 Aug 2005, 12:38
As some of you may or may not know, Ryan Estrada and a few of his colleagues just undertook the 168 hour comic. ( That's one week of continuous comic making.

His biggest rival, Bez, who had previously completed a 100 hour comic, is now undertaking the biggest project the webcomic world has seen. Bez will be doing a year long, or atleast an academic year, of continuous comic making.

He seeks to create 24 pages of comics every day.

[url]Day 1 of the project[/url]


personally, i dont think he'll make it past a month, but who knows.[/list]
Title: 24-hour 365-day comic
Post by: twentyfour on 18 Aug 2005, 20:11
The elitist bastard in me wants to say; The quality and the stories are crap. It looks like 1 hours work per "day", and even then it's rushed and sloppy.

then the idealist; Even if it was only an hours work a day this is an amazing feat to attempt. I say Kudos to Bez. His drawing skill will increase phenominally in no time.

and finally the cynic; If it last 1 month I'll be damn surprised. Good luck holding all of this attention kid.

It's not all nice stuff I'm saying but it's whats in my head.

If anything, good luck to Bez.