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Title: Wanted: Comic Writer
Post by: redpsycho3 on 17 Dec 2005, 13:20
Hey, I'm looking for a writer for a webcomic, preferably about college life or cars, as that's what I know best.

I'm not much of a humorous writer, but I used to do the artwork for Geert/Geert Comiks/Retail Hell.

Links to past comics:

Retail Hell/Geert Comiks (
Done with two different writers over two or years.  Most recent.

Geert (
Written and drawn by myself.  

Those comics are really old and don't really reflect my talents as an artist now.

I also have a gallery website here: (

I'm also a webmaster for a car club here: (

Please let me know if you're interested.  

Contact me at:

email: [email protected]
aim: redpsycho3