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 on: Today at 09:14 
Started by DrPhibes - Last post by Thrillho
I saw Dear Evan Hansen and it is a terrible masterpiece I can't remember if i already posted this

 on: Today at 06:17 
Started by Tova - Last post by _Islanio
Man, I like frogs!

 on: Today at 04:37 
Started by Tova - Last post by oddtail
(...) and certainly before Internet was meaningfully used for porn (...)

You mean, the first 24 hours of the Internet?

Fair. I was referring specifically to porn that was both widely available and visual in nature. Early Internet had (relatively) little of that due to bandwidth issues and its entirely non-commercial nature. As in, there weren't porn sites (which is, I imagine, how a lot of people know the term "milf" today).

 on: Today at 04:28 
Started by Tova - Last post by Marco
(...) and certainly before Internet was meaningfully used for porn (...)

You mean, the first 24 hours of the Internet?

Also I agree, being into older women is not creepy at all, given it's corresponded. It may be that snubnose have a slightly diferent concept of MILF in mind (depending on the sources researched, I don't blame him...)

 on: Today at 02:38 
Started by Tova - Last post by oddtail
EDIT: this is in response to snubnose's comment. I didn't notice the thread had a second page.

Without going too specific and explicit:

As I understand it, being into MILFs mostly means being into older women.

I don't find this either troubling or unusual. I'd be *more* concerned if nobody was into them, because that would mean men, women and non-binary people of all ages are exclusively attracted to young women and not older ones. And past a certain age, that becomes more and more creepy.

IME, "MILF" has more to do with age (and possibly being attractive in a specific way) than whether the woman is an actual mother or not. It's shorthand.

EDIT 2: also, as to "MILF" being a "ridiculous Internet acronym", I don't think "MILF" originated on the Internet. My quick research suggests the term grew organically in 80s and 90s common speech (which was before the mainstreaming of the Internet, and certainly before Internet was meaningfully used for porn), and it got introduced into the mainstream through the American Pie movie.

 on: Today at 01:12 
Started by Tova - Last post by Tova
Now I have the problem that I want to ask if there are actually people who are into MILFs in the first place ...

Do you mean ... are there people who are into attractive older ladies? Is that what you're asking?

 on: Today at 00:12 
Started by Tova - Last post by SotFX

Trying to drop a regular satelite on people doesnt work. At all.

Absolutely. Not. Ever.

1. It burns up into the atmosphere

2. The remains, if any, will spread over a wide area

3. You cannot control where exaxtly the remains will hit

4. Also communications satelites are usually in geostationary orbit, 36,000 kilometers above the surface, taking exactly 24 hours for one orbit and thus staying in place over whatever country placed the satelite there. Up there there are simply not enough remains of an atmosphere to slow the satelite down and the satelite wont be able to create enough acceleration to drop to earth at all. Decomissioned communication satelites are placed in a parking orbit, not dropped back to earth.

The infamous rod of thungsten, emerging from a space station in the "safe" area, i.e. still much below the Van Allen belt, about 300 km above the surface, thrown with sufficient acceleration (the most efficient way is to throw it backwards), mentioned in this comic before would work. Though even that thungsten rod of course would require some acceleration ability on its own to target a very specific point on the planets surface, for even minimal movements up high in the atmosphere (caused by the winds up there) of course causes huge differences in what point on the surface will be hit in the end.

There is already the orbital pizza delivery thing Station and Hanner's dad made in universe, which does imply that the materials for that kind of thing are common and disposable. Having satelites that can be decomissioned by dropping to the earth on a set target area for recovery and salvage might be a major thing considering the real world Earth's space debris problem, and the QC universe seems to have far more common orbital travel. Might be in conjunction with other things to try at preventing a requirement of orbital trash crews such as those shown in Planetes...which is a pretty interesting anime for the concept.

Actually, a communications satellite that's functioning as one might be pretty good cover for a rods of god type weapon...or for a classified one, having a heavily fortified "black box" that might survive deorbiting and similar things with a record of events to try figuring out what, exactly, happened to it might be a decent idea.

 on: Yesterday at 23:58 
Started by Tova - Last post by Farideh
In this wild and varied world, people can be (and are!) into anything.

 on: Yesterday at 23:30 
Started by Tova - Last post by snubnose
Now I have the problem that I want to ask if there are actually people who are into MILFs in the first place, which would explain the existence of this riddiculous internet acronym in the first place, but then again I dont actually want to know the answer to that question.

Its not a problem to design something in a way that it lands from orbit at a specific point on the planet. But you need to have the necessary hardware - heat shield, navigation system, sufficient rocket motor acceleration to slow you down over a specific point, some sort of acceleration system (wings might suffice) to correct errors in position (namely wind forces).

A communications satelite wont have any of that because its not needed for its operation. And again, those are typically geostationary, so they will stay up there, for billions of years, until the sun eats the planet.

 on: Yesterday at 22:06 
Started by Thrillho - Last post by Gyrre
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Super-feminist, super-queer, super-inclusive, tightly written, glorious, heart-wrenching, hilarious in equal measure. We watched the whole five seasons quite recently all the way through, and it is just a truly magnifient show. Watch the shit out of it, friends. If nothing else, the animation is glorious.

Yes to all of this, and with an incredible and satisfying soundtrack, just in case it wasn't enough.

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Re the spoiler: There's fanfics for that.
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