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Author Topic: Dr. Who Sings.  (Read 1260 times)


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Dr. Who Sings.
« on: 03 Apr 2006, 18:48 »

Some incomparable genius has got hold of the system where Tom Baker reads out text messages, and made him 'sing' Common People, How Soon is Now and Wish You Were Here.

William Shatner eat your goddamn fucking heart out.
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Dr. Who Sings.
« Reply #1 on: 03 Apr 2006, 18:51 »

That's awesome.  Tom Baker was by far the best doctor, too.
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Dr. Who Sings.
« Reply #2 on: 07 Apr 2006, 11:02 »

I don't know how they're doing it in other states but on saturday PBS is starting a new re-run of classic Doctor Who with Tom Baker's episodes. The version of How Soon is Now? takes the cake in my opinion. Now to go blast Pimp My Tardis really loud and piss off the neighbours.
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