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Author Topic: Legal trouble!  (Read 1401 times)

Johnny C

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Legal trouble!
« on: 06 Apr 2006, 07:08 »

I asked for help in the Snakes On A Plane thread, but I needed a flashier name to get some attention. The Tagworld website says I have to be eighteen and in the U.S. to enter the contest to have a song featured in Snakes On A Plane. I am neither, although one of my band members may be eighteen. Even so, he isn't in the U.S. either. Is there any workaround, legal loophole, etcetera? Will they care that I live in Canada? Why does this always happen with the coolest contests?

(Nescience offered me advice, but it was just a picture of a middle finger and I don't know what that could mean.)
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