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Author Topic: Spore  (Read 12348 times)


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« Reply #50 on: 08 May 2006, 16:31 »

Quote from: Catfish_Man
Quote from: pro_
unfortunately, it does not have synchronous multiplayer, which kills it for me, the game i am waiting for is starcraft 2

bleh. Synchronous massively multiplayer == noobs and assholes. I like its "massively singleplayer" idea.

I'll agree with you on this. I feel that Spore would not be a great MMO adaption: strict rules would have to be applied to make things fair, and competition would be the name of the game.

As it stands now, certain civilizations taken from the Spore servers and other players may play LIKE the player that made them, but not in such a radical way that makes many MMOs incredibly hard to have fun in.

I think this game will be a love or hate game. I've heard various discussion over the game, and I think the main concern of naysayers is that CONCEPT and GAMEPLAY are two completely different things. I'm incredibly interested about this game, and there is absolutely no doubt that I will pick this game up, because of the CONCEPT. It stands to question whether the GAMEPLAY will make the game rewarding and satisfying to those people who aren't crazy, or in-love, with the concept.
And if you played too hard it'd flop out and dangle around by the wire and that is just super ugly


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« Reply #51 on: 09 May 2006, 17:47 »

Quote from: Switchblade
Holy crap, what's the minimum system spec on that mother? a HAL 9000?

nevertheless... drool...

I don’t think it will even be that bad. The whole “revolution” idea comes with the procedural programming. It uses very small amount of data to explain how things within the game will act. None of the game is “animated” in the traditional sense but given a few simple instructions on how things with a specific shape and form ‘should’ act.
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