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I know I had big plans for something like this a while back but never followed through with them.  That is pretty much because creating a living document about PC parts was and still is a very bad idea. So instead of re-inventing the wheel I thought that we could share with each other some sites we think are good for expanding practical knowledge about computer hardware, especially in regards to guiding a complete novice through their first computer purchase.

--- Quote from: In another thread I ---As your attorney I advise you to check out these links immediately:,1558,1967933,00.asp?kc=ETRSS02129TX1K0000532 - "A Beginner's Guide to What Goes on Inside that PC"

Then look up the prices for the parts on something like or maybe just
--- End quote ---

Anyone else want to throw in some useful links?

In about a week or so I'll compile them and put them up here in the first post, as well as removing the quote & putting my links in-line with the rest.  Hopefully between us we can come up with a decent info repository.

I'll add a couple of new links for the Aussies on the board: is the best PC price search engine I've found so far. is an Australian PC hardware news site catering mostly towards the enthusiast end of the spectrum. is the forums for the above news site, and is a very good forum for Australian overclocking enthusiasts. As such, sometimes it can be a decent resource for what is a good value part and what is coming up hardware-wise in the near future.

Catfish_Man: Good review site Decent reviews, good forum, great tech articles

Switchblade: - Based in Stoke-on-Trent. I got to talking with them at a LAN party a couple of months ago, and they know their stuff.

If you're tired of your CPU or other fans sounding like jet engines,
These guys know alot about cooling and other stuff too, just most of them are fanatical about noise reduction...


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