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Author Topic: "Band Name Ideas" Revisited  (Read 88831 times)

Starvation Army

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"Band Name Ideas" Revisited
« Reply #150 on: 30 Apr 2006, 10:38 »

We used to play this with my sister. We invented imaginary bands, made up, what style, what instruments, albums and songs...

Some bands:
Project Deposit
Overestimated Cheer
Promising Copy
Orphaned At The Age Of...
The Ashtray Orchestra
Sphere To Come
Motive Of Crime


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"Band Name Ideas" Revisited
« Reply #151 on: 08 Jun 2006, 11:20 »

I hate to drag up an old thread like I am, but I had a small idea and I can't tell if it's bad or already in use:
The Desperate But Spoken For

or, perhaps it would make a better album title if you removed the "The"
Desperate but Spoken For

Just a thought.


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"Band Name Ideas" Revisited
« Reply #152 on: 08 Jun 2006, 12:26 »

Me and my mates are meeting up over the summer to try and put a guitar/bass/piano/trumpet/sax spin on many classics. One thing we have planned is to try and recreate Kraftwerk's Autobahn using only live instruments. A harmonica works well for making a synth-style voice. Anyway we are trying to give ourselves a name. Ideas thus far:

I've Got A Baguette In One Hand And A Carrot Cake In The Other (too long, but based on a true event)
The Sociable Twats (Has a great backstory but has a rude word)
Don't Spill Beer (sign with massive font from local pub)
The Infernal Machine (probably going with this one; it also has a backstory, albeit an A Level History oriented one)
The Crazy Bastards (too rude again)
Timmy The Fists And His Jazz Gentlemen (my friend Tim has massive fists, 'nuff said)

We want some sort of backstory, All the best names have backstories.

Don't steal pls :) kthxbye
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