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Author Topic: Favorite Sega Genesis Games  (Read 18186 times)


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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #50 on: 12 Nov 2006, 12:18 »

Zero Wing. All your base for those of you who don't know. I have an emulator for my computer now... bloody AWESOME!!
It was called General Chaos?? Goddamn it I've been looking for 'commander chaos' No wonder I couldent find it!!
'Strike series'
Power Monger
Rings of Power
Mutant Football
Street Fighter
Alex the Kid
The one where you were a ghost... I think it was The Frighteners or something...

Almost every other game. I have never played a Sega game I have not liked, and I've played almost all of the ones that came out in Australia. This includes sport and racing games. Now when I play them on other consoles/computers I hate them, but on sega sports were FUN!! Plus it came with free RADIATION!!

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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #51 on: 13 Nov 2006, 06:29 »

The obligatory Sonic games (1, 2, 3 + Knuckles)
Earthworm Jim
James Pond 2
Gunstar Heroes
Micro Machines '96

All classics.
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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #52 on: 15 Nov 2006, 02:22 »

Joe Montana Football 93
Sonic Pinball
Sunset Riders
Comix Zone
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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #53 on: 15 Nov 2006, 05:50 »

Crusader of Centy! It was exactly like Link to the Past, except not. Also, it did not feel nearly as epic due to a total lack of things to do besides the main story, apart from collecting golden apples. The real selling point of the game was that you could do more with your sword than a lame spin attack. For example, by using the power of an Ostrich and a Butterfly, you can throw your sword and control it Jedi style. How pimp is that? Well, it was pimp in the old days at least. The main character uses garden variety animals (and one dragon) to power his abilities, rather than lame magic stones and the remnants of departed Gods. Eat it Link! Eat it all day long! Oh yeah, and you used the power of a cheetah to dash. Oh yeah. Pegasus boots are for suckers.

In truth, I make the game sound a lot better than it really was. As it happens I may have used the terms "One dimensional crap" and "Waste of a perfectly good sugar binge" during the time I was actually playing it. Still, nostalgia has a powerful effect on a guys hindsight. Crusader of Centy was an awesome game. At least now it is. It didn't used to be.
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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #54 on: 15 Nov 2006, 13:47 »

I liked any mortal kombat game along with the 7 up the time they were all i had lol


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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #55 on: 17 Nov 2006, 05:13 »

Toejam & Earl
Ecco the Dolphin
Prince of Persia (IN COLOR!!!)

Sorry.. that was exciting for me at the time, since we had only played it on our b&w 286....


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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #56 on: 17 Nov 2006, 05:23 »

Bubsy Bobcat
or Toejam n Earl


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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #57 on: 17 Nov 2006, 08:16 »

Shining Force 1+2.
Phantasy Star 4.
Sonic 2, 3 and Knuckles.
Eternal Champions.
Blades of Vengeance.
Golden Axe.
Rock and Roll Racing.

I know I'm largely repeating whats already been said, but still - good stuff.


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Re: Favorite Sega Genesis Games
« Reply #58 on: 17 Nov 2006, 20:38 »

Comix Zone was my fav Megadrive (Genesis) game, I had suck a blast with that game.
Golden Axe - I basicly grew up playing that game with my friends back from elementary school, that's nostalgia for you.

Sonic 2 - I rented it and never returned it. I told my mom I lost it and I never went back to the store, I just couldn't bare the thought of giving the game back to the store

Road Rash - All I remember from this game is how fun it was to beat people up, and some wierd cutscene where some lady with high heels comes and steps on your nuts when you lose a race, and when another bike runs your hand over or something.

Desert Strike

I also remember owning a TMNT fighting game that I really really liked, even though in hind sight it wasn't really that good.
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