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Author Topic: Um, a li'l help with character design? Pretty pretty please?  (Read 2468 times)


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Umm, well, two of my friends and I are about to start a webcomic called Reality Sucks. I wanted to call it Nerdgasm, but NOOOO, it was too SEXUAL, they said.. baaaaah. Fork them. Fork them right in the eye!
Anywho. I appointed myself in charge of making the female characters, mostly because those two wouldn't know what a "girl" was if one came up and bit them in the face. Which, incidentally, I should do. -cough-

Yeah. So, here are pictures of the girl characters.">">

Umm so yeah. Those aren't like, super-good or a great example of my drawing ability or anything, they're just rough sketches. I was just wondering if you could help me out by telling me if they look the part of their personality.

Katrina (Kat): Happy, bubbly, outgoing, bouncy, hyper.. (She's the one pulling Teri's shirt down and yelling "Boobies!") She has black hair and the.. er.. bang-type-things in her face are purple. Since she's outgoing and confident she's wearing a bikini. So.. yeah.

Teri: Really, really shy. She's the more modest one, covering most of her torso and more of her legs than Kat. She's really easily embarrassed and stuff and isn't exactly confident enough to pay attention to her looks. That's why her hair is just.. plain. Not exactly fashionable or stylish, just plain. (Btw, I know it looks reeeeally bad in that picture, I swear I can draw it better than that.)

Jasmine: She's the teeny one in the background and the only one in the second picture. She's the classic "hot-and-snobby" chick with the (hidden.. very well hidden) heart of gold. Or at least shiny plastic. She's the one with the hip; stylish; preppy sort of hair, and the hip; stylish; preppy sort of clothes. She has really nice boobs in that one picture.. I want boobs like that.. OKAY MOVING ON.

Teri and Kat are formed after 2 of my many personalities (I'm not schizophrenic, just really moody :P), Teri being my shy; quiet side and Kat being my loud; bouncy side.

So yeah, those are the female characters. I'll post the male ones up when the boys get around to making them. :) I was just wondering what you guys thought. So.. yeah.. whaddaya think?

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Um, a li'l help with character design? Pretty pretty please?
« Reply #1 on: 08 Jul 2006, 11:27 »

Pretty nice drawing ability you have there. But that seems like hell-of not clothing that the girls have on. I think it would be best to know what this strip was going to be about.
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Um, a li'l help with character design? Pretty pretty please?
« Reply #2 on: 08 Jul 2006, 11:38 »

haha, good point! I just like giving the girls skimpy clothing because I like to draw the female bodyyyy. It's quite fun. I'm actually straight, as unbelievable as that may seem. I just like to draw pretty girls. =)

As for what the comic's about, it's basically just these kids who work in a video game/comic book store, their lives, etc.

Since Jesse and Ian are the ones doing most of the jokes, it should be rather funny (I couldn't make up a joke for my life, seriously).

Umm.. yep! That's pretty much it!

Thanks for the compliment. <3
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