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Author Topic: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?  (Read 162873 times)


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #200 on: 28 Jan 2008, 05:15 »

In no particular order, QC, Xkcd, Dresden Codak, Sam & Fuzzy, Dinosaur Comics, and recently i've been reading the scary go round back catalogue which i think is pretty awesome


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #201 on: 31 Jan 2008, 07:04 »

My favourites include: Scary Go Round, QC, xkcd, Penny Arcade, VG Cats (but mainly for posterity's sake at this point), Perry Bible Fellowship, A Softer World, Bunny, Cat and Girl, Natalie Dee, Stuff Sucks.

I have been reading Scary Go Round and QC the longest.  Both have fantastic characters.  But I think Scary Go Round has my favourite character ever.  Shelley Winters is just rad.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #202 on: 07 Feb 2008, 12:03 »

Questionable Content is actually the only one I read, so I guess it's my favorite.  I've tried to read a couple others, but honestley don't think any others are done as well, in terms of entertainment or story.

QC for the win!


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #203 on: 13 Feb 2008, 14:34 »

I think my faves would be QC, Octopus Pie, Dresden Codak, idiot comics, Pixel, Gunnerkrigg Court and Cat and Girl.

When I open my browser the first thing I get is a huge comic list that I need to check before I can allow myself to do anything else.


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #204 on: 13 Feb 2008, 21:15 »

I've got quite a few... but here are some favorites you may not have heard of  :-)

Perfect Stars - the fact that I can't understand what the comic is about every now and then could be what makes it fascinating for me. Plus it's beautiful.
Copper - Gorgeous art, simple morals, and reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.
Punks and Nerds - Every now and then this comic has references to some of the most ridiculous things. Like Doug.
The Perry Bible Fellowship - This one's pretty popular. It's got lasers, dinosaurs, and robots every now and then. There's also a variety of art and humor.
Elsie Hooper - This is hardcore.

I like most of the popular webcomics too. Including this guy  :-D
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #205 on: 13 Feb 2008, 21:19 »

used to be Chugworth. that was cynical and funny.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #206 on: 20 Feb 2008, 10:40 »

Megatokyo is definitely my favourite. I am probably one of the few who preferred it after Rod left and it got all "emo".

I don't really read many comics online, the only others I can think of are Xkcd, and sinfest. Both of which I read religously.

I also read QC of course, although I tend to save it up for a week or 2 before I read as my brain can't cope with tiny doses, I like to read a few pages at a time.


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #207 on: 22 Feb 2008, 09:44 »

I'll only link to the ones that haven't probably already been mentioned.
My two favourites:

Schlock Mercenary - 'There is no overkill, there is only "Open fire" and "Reload".'
Girl Genius - "Und any plan vere you lose your hat iz?"  "A bad plan?"

in no particular order:
Skin Horse - Shaenon Garrity's latest comic, a collaberation with Jeffery Wells, well worth a read, in fact look at Smithson while you are there.
Something Positive
Gunnerkrig Court
Zebra Girl - updating again, but sporadically.
Crimson Dark - A good space opera.
No Need For Bushido - Feudal Japanese comedy with a western twist, this is NOT a wannabe manga.
The Phoenix Requiem - Arts Angels' latest fantasy.
Kagerou - not your average fantasy webcomic, read it.
Irregular Webcomic! - A humorous Lego webcomic with 8 or so seperate stories that occasionally intersect.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #208 on: 23 Feb 2008, 06:28 »

I'm way too old to be having a list of regular webcomics, but there it is...

In no particular order, although I have certain ones that I must read each day it posts

Better Days
Dresden Kodak
OOTS  - a must for me
Least I can Do
Gunnerkrieg Court  - a must for me
Rice Boy  - a must for me
Monkey Fluids - this isn't really a 'comic', but I love it -especially 'Obvious Week' and 'Mock the Past'
Partially Clips
QC  - a must for me
Scary Go Round  - a must for me
Schlock Mercenary  - a must for me - this is where I started
Wapsi Square
Girl Genius  - a must for me
The Abominable Charles Christopher - this and Kukuburi are relatively new comics at

and a new one started by Warren Ellis - FreakAngels - updates weekly

What Fresh Hell is This?


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #209 on: 24 Feb 2008, 17:29 »

Anders loves Maria for the art (i much prefer it when the people aren't nekked) and Boy on a Snake and Slither for the funnies. Oh so many funnies. And QC is a habit. An insatiable habit. My online soap opera habit. Now I understand my childhood babysitter...


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #210 on: 25 Feb 2008, 06:33 »

I would like more if he actually stayed with his Monday update schedule.

runner-ups include and Kawaii Not.
edit: OHSHIT. forgot XKCD! is indeed on the top of my list. I forgot it because it's just not colorful and pleasing to memory, but it is indeed the best comic ever.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #211 on: 01 Mar 2008, 06:12 »

PVP is funny and intelligent
The Cartoonist and The cat is so simple, so surreal.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #212 on: 01 Mar 2008, 07:01 »

I love all the comics I read online, or else why would I read them? However, QC definitely tops my list. Other favorites include:
White Ninja
Cyanide and Happiness
Animals Have Problems Too
8-Bit Theater (although it's been a while since I read that, I need to catch up!)
The Book of Biff
Shortpacked! (a new favorite)
Bob and George
Exploding Dog
VG Cats

That's all I can think of right now.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #213 on: 07 Mar 2008, 12:02 »

5. Ugly Hill-

4. Least I Could Do-

3. Girls With Slingshots-

2. PvP-

1.  QC holds the tops spot for me, hands down.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #214 on: 07 Mar 2008, 12:32 »

Bob and George

Flaky Pastry


can't think of any other real good ones. 


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #215 on: 07 Mar 2008, 15:23 »

My #1 is definitely Penny Arcade. A lot of the game-centric jokes fall kind of flat, but the dialog is always brilliant. The strips that are mostly about the character's conversations, with gaming taking the backseat, are the ones that really shine.

Others I'm quite fond of are QC (natch), Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Grumps, Shortpacked!, and Badass Muthas.


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #216 on: 10 Feb 2009, 15:35 »

I would have to say that my favourites are:

1) Commissioned Comic /
2) Questionable Content
3) The Devil's Panties /
4) Least I Could Do /
5) Sins /
6) Brawl in the Family /
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #217 on: 10 Feb 2009, 16:10 »

Sam And Fuzzy.

...Sorry Jeph.

Everything about it is just so GREAT. The art, the story...everything!
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #218 on: 01 Jan 2010, 20:08 »

Even witht he disclamer of this thread not having a post in atleast 120 days, I'm positng anyway since I don't read the forums too much and found this thread while looking for something else. 

I tend to be a "one webcomic guy" in that unless I lose interest in whatever it is I'm reading, i tend to stick with that.  With that being said, I QC is all that I read...that is still active.  I've been reading it for a looooong time, but before that I read Exploitation Now by Poe.  Hands down one of my favorite webcomics ever.  The comic has since ended and is in physical book form (and a reason I suggested at one point, along with many others I'd assume, that Jeph publish QC as such too).

So, my favorite current web comic is QC. I refer many people to it and one of the key points I mention about it is being able to watch the progression and evolution of Jeph's art.  It's great to see such an improvement right before your very eyes!!!

That's all I have to say, now back to my original purpose of reading through the boards :) 

PS.  Happy New Year peeps!
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #219 on: 03 Jul 2010, 23:18 »

Favourite?  That's hard because I like lots but:

Sea of Insanity is a slice of life comic about a nymph (from Greek mythology) and the people she shares her flat with.  I like it because it's well drawn, has interesting characters and manages to feel real.

A Girl and Her Fed is a story about a reporter who finds that she's been added to a watch list.  The murder of a Senator's aide brings them together as they investigate the death.  Added to that is the ghost of Benjamin Franklin, a chip inserted in the Fed's brain and a talking koala.  I like it because it's a fun sci-fi conspiracy thriller.

Clan of the Cats is a story about a woman who turns into a panther when she gets stressed.  I like it because it has a mixture of epic stories (current story is Chelsea v Dracula) and every day stories.

Weregeek follows the lives of geeks.  The geeks in the comic are much like that in the real world except, when people really geek out, they release a beast that is their inner geek (and there are hunters that follow them).  I like it because it's a slice of life story about geeks.

Reqiem (Spiderforest) is a computer rendered sci-fi story set on another world.  In many ways similar to ours but with some technology differences.  The story is a political thriller about the lead up to a large war.  I like it because it has an interesting premiss and it's fun to try and guess what the characters should do.

Sandra and Woo is a light-hearted slice of life comic about a girl and her pet raccoon.  Unknown to anyone else but Sandra, Woo can actually talk.  I like it because it is light-hearted and has lots of quirky characters.

Xylia is a story about a young man who discovers that he's half-faerie.  He has been constantly reincarnated and each time he falls for his true love Xylia.  It's a heart-warming tale.

Paradigm Shift is the story of two police officers faced with a number of brutal killings.  They appear to be done by an animal but there are no animal tracks and there are more inconsistencies.  I like it because it's well drawn and an interesting take on Werewolves.


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #220 on: 10 Jul 2010, 04:11 »

I'm quite fond of The Secret Knots by Juan Santapau. I guess you could call it a romantic comic, but there's more to it. A kind of subtlety. Most of what is written is between the lines. Every comic is like a small shutter window into a beautiful, perfect world. It gives me the feeling that there are millions upon millions stories hidden away behind that window, but you can only catch a glimpse of them every time the shutters open. And I kind of like it that way.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #221 on: 07 Sep 2010, 02:31 »

Brawl in the Family, because it's simple and cute and funny. Not everything has to be complicated and full of drama.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #222 on: 11 Oct 2010, 16:56 »

Surprised at some not mentioned:  (Note: I value impressive art)

Guilded Age - Amazing art, cohesive story, good characters, and funny humor - DON'T miss the Alt Texts (bring your mouse pointer over the panel and leave it still.)  Frequently the funniest part!

TemplarAz  (Templar, Arizona) - a pretty spectacular creation, a whole sociological study of a funny, scary, plausible near-future city, and Spike's art is AMAZING!

PennyandAggie has been mentioned, but Gisele Lagace does much more: my favorite is menagea3 - NOT! safe for work, but hysterically funny & sexy & well-drawn.  Also check out her coolcatstudio for a cute, safeforwork comic like pennyandaggie.

Backward Compatible - no one mentioned this??  Smartl & well-done gamer comic.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #223 on: 11 Oct 2010, 19:31 »

Templar, Arizona is actually set in an alternate universe.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #224 on: 22 Oct 2010, 20:15 »

In no particular order, these are my favorites:

Questionable Content- I don't think anything more needs to be said.
Girls With Slingshots- The artwork is adorable, the storyline is interesting, and I wish the characters were my friends. Because it's also a slice-of-life comic, it's a nice complement to QC when I'm catching up on my dailies.
Blip- This one's a little less well-known. The plot is seriously fantastic, and Sage Leaves does a good job of keeping the reader in suspense every day. The whole comic is built on the concept of the creation of a girl who was never supposed to exist- god made a mistake. Really interesting stuff.
Octopus Pie- Another essential webcomic, of course.
Wasted Talent- Wasted Talent is an autobiographical webcomic revolving around the lives of Angela (Jam the Engineer), Trevor (her husband), and her coworkers.
xkcd- Yeah, needs no introduction.
Hyperbole and a Half- This webcomic (blog?) is really something else. Allie Brosh has a quirky sense of humor, and it shows. Her illustrations are all done in the Mac equivalent of MS Paint, but they're all very well-done.
Anders Loves Maria- AKA Anders Has Sex With Anything That Breathes. Very NSFW, but the artwork and plot are compelling.
Something Positive- I don't keep up with this one much anymore. The combination of tiny text, clumsy navigation, and NSFW ads keep me away, but it's still considered an "essential."
Johnny Wander- Made up of a boyfriend/girlfriend team; largely autobiographical. Incredible artwork, cute, and funny.
Max VS Max- I discovered this one not too long ago. It deals with several Christian themes throughout, but it's charming enough to the point where nonbelievers would find it interesting anyways.


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #225 on: 29 Oct 2010, 14:39 »

just when you think things are never going to get better, they suddenly get worse


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #227 on: 19 Nov 2010, 20:15 »

Used to be Elf Only Inn but isnt running anymore, now its both QC and Achewood.


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #228 on: 26 Nov 2010, 08:02 »

1. Goblins - Fantastic artwork (pun!), excellent characters, interesting story and premise, and well written.
2. QC - This is kind of a given.
3. Supernormal Step - Wonderfully drawn, well written. Characters and plot a a touch jumpy but still very good.
4. Sinfest - Contastantly amusing, well designed and occasionally poignant.
5. Gunnerkrigg Court Well drawn, bizarre and fascinating world and interesting plot development and characters.

Honorable mention:

El Goonish Shive - For the sheer degree of improvement. Started out pretty damn horrible, now it's well drawn and interesting.
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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #229 on: 29 Nov 2010, 04:11 »

Webcomics I am reading and in no particular order of favor:  QC, Misfile, and Extra Ordinary.  Comics I've enjoyed in the past:  Least I Could Do, Lozers, Fanboys, and Order of the Stick.

QC I enjoy just because of the character interactions, Misfile is something I started reading and just haven't stopped...  I couldn't even tell you if I like it or not, and Extra Ordinary is odd and funny.


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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #230 on: 14 Jan 2011, 10:16 »

ICE: murder. conspiracy. sub-zero temperatures.

 Ice is about a future England where some climate catastrophe has occurred and it is always Winter. In the midst of this bleak setting Hunter and her boyfriend Cirr struggle to survive, their lives made even more dangerous when they come into possession of something that may be the solution to Englandís energy crisis Ö an item others are willing to kill for.

I read it all in the last hour and I cant wait for it to update

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Re: Whats your favorite webcomic and why?
« Reply #231 on: 16 Jan 2011, 07:54 »

My favourite webcomic is Minus
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