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Author Topic: Your Live Sets and/or Mixes  (Read 2288 times)


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Your Live Sets and/or Mixes
« on: 03 Sep 2006, 01:10 »

I figure that there's got to be a couple of DJs on the board. So, this thread is an opportunity for you to shamelessly self-promote. Show us your mixes!

I'll get the ball rolling. Here's a mix I recorded at 3:00am this morning. It's a kind of mishmash of minimalist techno and some deep/porno house. There's a couple of rough spots, but I was pretty happy with it, all in all.

DJ ElCapiTan - This 'n That Mix (61:25, 192kbps MP3)

There's a tracklisting up at my LJ.

Let's hear it, guys!


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Your Live Sets and/or Mixes
« Reply #1 on: 03 Sep 2006, 05:51 »

I don't have any dj mixes up yet but i have 4 tunes up on my website.
the address is


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Your Live Sets and/or Mixes
« Reply #2 on: 09 Sep 2006, 10:07 »

Its a techno and house mashup mix done using ableton live and a vestax mixer. Its very cut and paste and sounds pretty wierd in places.


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Your Live Sets and/or Mixes
« Reply #3 on: 10 Sep 2006, 16:14 »

Hardcore/Darkside Drum and Bass mix

track list:
1. The Panacea - Calcifier
2. Current Value - Full Spectrum Warrior
3. Counterstrike - Snuff
4. Limewax - MOTD
5. Current Value - Strange Peace
6. Dom + Gridlok - Hooked(Tech Itch + Dieselboy rmx)
7. Tetradin - Brainwave Assasin
8. Audio - Warehouse
9. The Sorrow - Untitled (not done yet)

like 2 or 3 bad parts but thats cause the damn needles were floating. :(

btw the last song is mine and it can be found on
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