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Author Topic: Nurrrrr @ Zone Labs!!  (Read 2182 times)


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Nurrrrr @ Zone Labs!!
« on: 20 Oct 2006, 07:33 »

Arrr, i have a bone to pick with zone labs and their crappy software, zone alarm. I had it installed for a while and i decided to un install it because it was annoying me. Little did i know that it would take the whole tcp/ip framework with it when it left and no matter how hard i try i cannot reinstall it. There are also a number of other problems it caused, like, XP not booting at all. I eventually managed to sort out everything except the tcp/ip framework and i am now talking to you from a spare 160 gb IDE drive with vista installed on it and a backup of my 100 GB of downloaded files. Vista is shiny


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Re: Nurrrrr @ Zone Labs!!
« Reply #1 on: 21 Oct 2006, 22:56 »

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