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Author Topic: TV Shows Most Random and Good  (Read 2714 times)


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TV Shows Most Random and Good
« on: 27 Oct 2006, 23:06 »

Has anyone ever seen the TV show Earth 2?

For the longest time I was sure this was a childhood hallucination of mine, because no one had ever heard of it.

The entire premise is that a colony ship full of people from a colony orbiting earth crash land on a planet that has the same physiology as earth, and is therefore labeled Earth 2.  very few of these survivors make it out, and the thing turns into this Oregon Trail style trek across the face of the Earth to where the second ship full of colonists is supposed to land and meet them.  On the way they start to discover things like the fact that the earth seems to be this sort of living organism, tied into this species they find called Terrians, and that maybe one or two of the colonists is turning into terrians and stuff.

the show ran for like 2 seasons, or something relatively close to that, and then disappeared.  It eventually made its way out of my potential hallucinations category when I found it on DVD only a year ago.

The next show on the list that I wanted to talk about is one that never actually made it past the pilot episode, which was sad, because the pilot episode was damn good.  the tv show is called Global Frequency and is based off a comic book by Warren Ellis.  The one pilot episode that was made got leaked on to the torrent networks and is still available.

The premise is this:  There is this international collection of 1001 civilians all linked by these special cellphones.  They are this sort of shadow organization, and are considered to be an urban legend.  Their whole reason for being is to deal with these sort of paranormal/supernatural/govt black ops gone awry problems around the world.  Each episode was its own self contained story.  It was grrrreat!


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Re: TV Shows Most Random and Good
« Reply #1 on: 27 Oct 2006, 23:33 »

Wow..... Earth 2. I remember when that first came out because everyone in my family loved sci fi shows and we all got together to watch the 1st show. It was actually a pretty damn good show. I wish they had kept it going.


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Re: TV Shows Most Random and Good
« Reply #2 on: 29 Oct 2006, 00:46 »

And Tim Curry and Clancy Brown were in Earth 2!


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Re: TV Shows Most Random and Good
« Reply #3 on: 29 Oct 2006, 01:55 »

Sounds like a pethetic fucking rip off of EARTH SEARCH! Also a pathetic fucking rip off of that Edmund cooper book whos anme i cant remember.

actually, earth search may have been a rip off of that edumnd cooper booka s wrll! I NEED DARTWES!
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