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Author Topic: The Marvel Civil War  (Read 28186 times)


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Re: The Marvel Civil War
« Reply #50 on: 19 Jun 2007, 06:05 »

Not much point to a spoiler alert. Anyone who's reading comics regularly is bound to have heard about the Skrull reveal by now, it's been all over every major comics news site over the past week.

Beyond the Skrull storyline, I'm dying to get my hands on Messiah Complex (The X-Men crossover coming this in the fall). Cyclops being a central character? Check. Storm coming back to an X-Related storyline? Check. Sinister coming back to prominence and bringing the mother fuckin' Marauders with him? Big check. Plus, this image gives me a fanboy joygasm each time I see it:

If that turns out to be a new lineup for Astonishing X-Men, I'll shit. Entirely classic. Only way to make it better would be to throw in Beast or Shadowcat (Though I'm mightily concerned Beast might be biting it before this event as he's a major player in the storyline preceeding it and there's been no mention of him tied into this crossover).
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Re: The Marvel Civil War
« Reply #51 on: 03 Aug 2007, 09:17 »

I think that your status of a Superhero or whatever as well as classification should be done at census:

Name: Craig Hollis
Sex: M
Race: Homo Sapiens Supreme
Superhero: Y
Superhero Classification: Mutant

No need to go into secret identity and crap. FBI probably already knows all that anyway.
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