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Author Topic: Opeth Discussion  (Read 31342 times)

Joey JoJo

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Re: Opeth Discussion
« Reply #50 on: 28 Nov 2006, 18:02 »

I guess it depends, you either get Opeth or you don't. I've seen them three times and each time I've been blown away. May come from me studying music for the past 4 years. They aren't a simple "background music" type of band by any means. There is so much going on in their songs, to fully appreciate it you have to listen and listen and listen. I will admit, when I first heard Opeth I wasn't THAT impressed, but with some time and a little patience they've become one of my favourite bands to date.
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Re: Opeth Discussion
« Reply #51 on: 28 Nov 2006, 18:09 »

I've been listening to Opeth for over 5 or so years, so it's not like It's my first time hearing them. Opeth are the type of band I listen to for background noise and so was probably why I got bored too easily as I can't focus on their music, at most "Closure" is the only song that stands out to me that I go "Oh hey I love this song" and sing along. Also it's not like I've never tried focusing on the music, as geeky as it is I know every song word by word and have learned pretty much all the songs from Orchid, Blackwater Park and Deliverance on the guitar so it's not like I haven't really sat down and you know... listened and studied. But overall I still believe there are far greater bands out there that deserve the praise more, I see too many kids running round thinking Opeth are the best thing since sliced bread (and no I'm not bitter just because their popularity) all because they are the first of that style to have jumped into the spotlight so everyone thinks they're some sort of musical gods.

Again, they are talented, Mikael's a fine musician and a very nice man but there is far more better stuff out there that I'd rather listen to.
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