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Wii/DS/Xboxlive/Xfire friend codes!

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One may chat about a game in a community, but it is much more enjoyable playing together.
In case you feel like making use of the online capabilities of your favorite console with your friends, hesitate not to share your code here!

This post gets updated to serve as a convenient list.

In case you add someone, be sure to mention QC in the 'invitation message'.

The Wii is upon us people, and I'm sure several had the fun of making cool Mii's.
What is even cooler is that when you have a network of added friends, Mii's will run from one place to another in the plaza or we can send them directly.

Alegis: 5304 0422 6043 4864
ackblom12: 8215 5056 9853 3148
Grawsith: 7555 7384 2455 3292
El-Rodente: 0147 2274 6600 6230
will: wanton sex god: 6821 3700 5168 5027
Dimmukane: 3412-8641-4128-2072
ronin: 3738 3210 5948 3550
Locke: 2955 3765 7297 6837
RandomGuy: 8205 1358 6911 1891
yelley: 1398 5773 2776 3038
ScaryChips: 2636-1098-7706-7760

DS Wifi
Contact: 1504 0751 0321
Mario Kart DS: 0988 6815 2868
Animal Crossing: 3651 5965 9110
Metroid Hunters - 3179-1517-8265
Mario Kart - 343684-785324

Xbox Live Gamertag
Dimmukane: Dimmukane
Storm Rider: Lilarcor
ronin: ukronin
fetusxcore: fetusface4
Locke: IronicLocke
abadname: goodnameistaken
conman: hadesninja
GodofGrunts: GodofGrunts
Fiddler: Duicker
Blue Kitty: Golden Sentry
Dimsey: Dimsey
Yankee6X: Yankee6X
Zadorzky: Zadorzky
Dennis: denjunki
MusicScribbles: WaywardGamer
Anyways: Auravis
ackblom12: ackblom12
Thez: Teh Zombie

A free 'game messenger client' for the PC, which serves for tracking your favorite games as well as the ability for others to join on your server.

Alegis: Alegis
Dimmukane: Dimmukane
ramenXnoodles: ramenXnoodles
mr. mike: nihilistz
ronin: pcgfronin
Entilzah: omob
Misguider: Misguider
conman: hades1987
ackblom12: ackblom12
Koernel: 0s1r15

Storm Rider:
I think we should make this into the all-purpose Wii number/DS Friend Code/X-Box Live tag thread, and then maybe have it stickied?

Regardless, I'm actually going to buy the wireless adapter for my DS and Wii tomorrow, so I'll post my IDs after that. Even though there aren't any online Wii games yet.

Good idea. Changing that, hopefully some interest here.

Hey, we can still send Mii's to each other damnit! My Ron Jeremy wants to get around a bit.


Wii: 8215 5056 9853 3148


Contact: 1504 0751 0321

Mario Kart DS: 0988 6815 2868

Gamertag (this also includes Xfire, which I'm not usually on) - Dimmukane
Wii friend code - My Wii got messed up during the first update, can't go to the internets, can't check my friend code.  I have to send it back, then I'll tell you when I get it back.


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