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Many people scoff when you tell them that you plan to make New Year's resolultions. They immediately launch into a tirade, explaining how resolutions are a pathetic attempt to assuage our guilt about being bad people. They explain to you delicately, as if you are a child, that nobody keeps their resolutions. They list all of the failed resolutions that lay forgotten after a month, a week, a day. They lecture about how we are all lost causes.

But I say fuck that shit. We can make resolutions if we want to, even knowing that they will not long occupy a place in our mind. Let's make resolutions to try and better ourselves, if only slightly. Isn't it worth trying?

My resolutions:
- Lose weight through exercise, not dieting
- Make art a high priority in my life
- Keep things in perspective
- Memorize poetry


- Not to fail out of college
- Not to be retarded
- To continue to give orgasms as well as I get them if not better

Yeah, that sounds about right.

- Finally finish that goddamned album like I resolved to do *this* year
- Get at least 10 courses done for this stupidass school I go to
- Work on being less of an annoying ass

-Lose weight
-Eat healthier
-Write some decent punk rock songs
-Play more golf
-Budget my money better
-Take an actual guitar lesson or two

-No longer drink expensive Starbucks drinks when I go there with friends (started this a month ago, with intentions on it being a New Years Resolution).  Instead I'll just be getting black dark roast coffee.
-Ask out the girl I have a thing for.
-Start a journal.
-Get into university out in Toronto or Montreal.
-Meet some more QC folks.
-Start the novel I've been planning.
-Spend more than $100 in a used book store.


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