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Author Topic: Idle Discussion: Should SCMRPG be allowed in Slamdance?  (Read 2228 times)


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Basically, over the last week, a storm of fury has clouded the Slamdance Game Festival, which honors independent game developers and their creations. The people in charge of the committee courted the game Super Columbine Massacre RPG and placed it as a finalist.

Last week, amidst controversy of the game's subject matter, they pulled it from competition. Yesterday, two more finalists, the creators of flOw and Braid, pulle dhteir games in protest.

So, play SCMRPG. Should it be allowed in or not?
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Re: Idle Discussion: Should SCMRPG be allowed in Slamdance?
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jan 2007, 00:06 »

No. For two reasons:

1: It's an RPG Maker 2003 game, and a bad one. The majority of the graphics are either RTP re-colours or simply stolen whole-sale from other games: I recognise some of the chipsets from RPG2K games I played four years ago. Other graphics are culled straight from google and approximately one Columbine website. I'm pretty sure the only real graphics work he's done is to add a baseball cap and guns to the player characters. The menu and item system is non-existant, as is the gameplay, even with the extra levels in hell. Level design is atrocious. Innovation is zilch. The scripting is the work of a five year old. As someone extremely conversant with the RPG maker software, I can confidently state that I could have made the game in under a week. I mean, it's not even fucking compiled properly, there's tons of extraneous graphics and music files in its RTP package that aren't even used in the game, which bulks up the file size needlessly. The sound effects are stock, the music's badly ripped. Every interesting bit of programming is ripped straight from a collection of tutorials which I have sitting on my hard disk, and some of them aren't even executed properly. The attempt at a Caterpillar following routine in the car-park nearly made me sick.

2: It's not even particularly well written or accurate. It corresponds to what happened at Columbine only in bare details, and makes several common factual mistakes, including my pet bugbear Columbine-wise, which is the fact that neither Harris or Klebold owned a single Marilyn Manson CD.

The game is interesting because it depicts Columbine as a computer game, which is the farthest anyones really got inside Harris of Klebolds minds, however, it is a very poorly executed and badly made game displaying no real effort on the part of its creator, and it's not even that well written or well researched. Its controversial in a good way and a very original idea, but it's a completely shit game and it doesn't deserve any sort of reward.
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