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Author Topic: Y: The Last Man  (Read 2274 times)


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Y: The Last Man
« on: 09 Jan 2007, 10:03 »

Anyone read the Y: The Last Man comic series? I'm through volume 5: Ring of Truth, and am absolutely loving it. I've purchased vols. 6 to 8 on Amazon, and will probably read them in one night, once I get them.

For people who've not read them, the series is (basically) about the literal last man on earth. Due to some unknown accident, all men on the earth but one, Yorick Brown, die at the same time. 2.6 billion people dying at once. While I can't do justice to describing it, I can say that it's a fantastic read, for anyone interested in any sort of post-apocalyptic world. (Because, really, all (but one) men in the world dying at the same time, foetus' and all, is pretty apocalyptic.)

If you're somewhat interested, go to your local comic book shop, pick up volume 1 (which comprises comic editions 1 through 5) and spend 30 minutes reading it. It's really good.

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Re: Y: The Last Man
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jan 2007, 11:36 »

I have only read the first collection that was put out, thanks in part to the graces of my local library.  I thought it was pretty good and has me wondering what really happened to all the men.

I really should look for more collections.


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Re: Y: The Last Man
« Reply #2 on: 09 Jan 2007, 17:04 »

Y - The Last Man rocks and I am up to date with it.  What killed the men is "revealed" in issue 50.  I put "revealed" in quotation marks because even though the solicitation said the truth would be revealed, it's just a character who has a theory, and even if they are so sure of themselves, that's not good enough for me.

Also, if Yorick survived the catastrophe, others may have as well, you know.  Just putting that out there.


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Re: Y: The Last Man
« Reply #3 on: 11 Jan 2007, 14:34 »

um..ok...very different opinons

personally i thought it was good but considering the story line that they had to work with it was almost had to be good my problem with it is that it didn't go where it could've and made it an excellent comic

i forgot what the last one i read was but there was something about monkey shit and japan in there
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Re: Y: The Last Man
« Reply #4 on: 18 Jan 2007, 02:21 »

I bought this for my brother's birthday when I saw it at B & N. I ended up reading it, and now I'm kinda jealous that I bought it for him.

And I'm really curious as to what happens... I haven't been able to find the rest of them anywhere local.
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