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Author Topic: "Merlin" association of independent recording labels  (Read 2597 times)

Johnny C

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The group said it would aim to rectify the "poor cousin" status of deals previously offered to independent labels and will address the "growing assumption that, for emerging media, only the four majors need to be licensed, with the rest free to air."

I can't find a damn thing on this organization using Google. It strikes me as a good idea - especially the not-for-profit bit - but it really needs to go beyond buzzwords and into a marketable plan. It also needs to come up with a list of labels involved so people can know exactly what association Merlin has with their imprint of choice.
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Re: "Merlin" association of independent recording labels
« Reply #1 on: 21 Jan 2007, 11:05 »

It sounds interesting enough, and the name. Merlin is an awesome name. If there were synonyms to awesome that conveyed something greater than awesome, which is not possible, then I would use it. If it existed. Which it doesn't. Don't try and prove me wrong. Please.
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Re: "Merlin" association of independent recording labels
« Reply #2 on: 21 Jan 2007, 15:17 »

Yay! Now even the independents want to enforce draconian liscensing laws to make money.

I swear, if I can't get on to Jim Fogarty's 'Death to Music' distro, then I'm not involving myself with labels at all. But then, it would be kind of hard to, because all my music is copyleft.
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